Final Fantasy XI’s holiday Starlight Celebration runs December 15-31

It's the same basic bench.

The time has come once again for Final Fantasy XI’s adventurers to celebrate the Starlight season from December 15th through December 31st, and as usual, it involves a bunch of goblins stealing presents. What a bunch of jerks, huh? Especially since they’ve been doing this every single year for just about two decades now. Someone should throw rocks at them. Or snowballs. With rocks in them. You get the general idea.

As implied, this is a re-run of several events, so adventurers who have yet to earn the custom Starlight bench emote or the various cosmetic items will have another shot at all of them. Those of you who have been playing the game for some time will likely have most of the awards, but you can still go relax in Jeuno and just enjoy the music. Whatever the case, next Friday is when all of the celebrations begin.

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