BitCraft talks about terraforming, player buildings, and the goals of its next closed alpha


The close of December is bringing more technical and granular gifts from the developers of sandbox MMO BitCraft, with a new blog that’s all about terraforming and player construction and a video that goes over technical matters and the game’s first closed alpha.

Starting with the blog, it goes into pretty specific details about how BitCraft’s world is generated, which is through a series of hexagonal pillars that change in elevation to form plains, mountains, and bodies of water. This pillar system allows for some more gradual changes to the landscape as players modify the world through collective action, though there are some portions of the dev blog that discuss how settlements work from a terraforming aspect, with players “painting” terrain through a paving system and placing down buildings.

As for the aforementioned video, the devs talk about goals for the MMO’s first closed alpha, which include testing backend systems, opening up testing for a larger audience, and running tests for a longer period of time, specifically at least a month. The alpha will also feature some more polish such as music and sound effects, improved character control, and a better UI, as well as the promise of six tiers of progression, revamped biomes, and the addition of an unspecified new core skill. Timing for this next test hasn’t been tied down yet, but followers can get a look at what is – and isn’t – coming next in the video below.

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