Funcom partners to publish multiplayer space sandbox Empyrion and its first expansion


Co-op space adventure sim Empyrion got an unexpected ally this week as its developer, Eleon Game Studios, announced a new partnership with Funcom to help push the game to new heights. Empyrion is a No Man’s Sky-esque space survival sandbox that attempted Kickstarter back in 2014 but nevertheless launched to decent reviews back in 2020.

Funcom announced this week that it is contributing funds and publishing assistance with Empyrion, starting with the game’s first expansion — Dark Faction — which is set to arrive on February 6th. The partnership also promises to result in a second unnamed game in the Empyrion franchise.

Dark Faction is perfect for both newcomers and veterans of Empyrion alike, offering new mechanics, including improved melee combat, new materials to build with, and mysteries to discover,” Funcom said.

The publisher hinted that it encouraged this partnership because Funcom’s work on Dune Awakening made it appreciate Empyrion’s quality and potential: “As a developer and publisher of open world survival game ourselves, Empyrion has been a favorite among many at Funcom and we’re excited for the opportunity to help Eleon expand this universe.”

Source: Press release
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