Overwatch 2 temporarily removes Illari from competitive play after a bug gave her infinite ammo


As much fun as infinite ammo in Overwatch 2 probably sounds, it would very likely upset some of the sweatier competitive players of the FPS and is most assuredly not intended design, yet that’s what happened to the support hero Illari when a patch earlier this week ended up making her an ammo-firing machine by accident.

The patch in question was intended to buff Illari’s solar rifle, making sure its primary fire isn’t cancelled by using the Channeling Sun ability or the weapon’s secondary fire, as well as increasing its ammo from 14 to 16. What happened instead is that her weapon could be fired after its clip emptied, allowing her to rack up negative ammo to some pretty absurd degrees.

Obviously, this isn’t the way things are meant to be, so Illari was removed from competitive play while Blizzard tries to fix her completely borked gun. An ETA on when this will be fixed wasn’t provided by the devs, but at least there won’t be any Illaris running around blithely firing their weapons.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2), and official forums via Kotaku
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