Strategy MMO Myth of Empires is (re)launching on February 21st

Steam playtest on January 23rd


Not every MMO gets a second shot at life, especially after clawing itself out of a legal morass, but one title has seized that rare prize: Myth of Empires. After a two-year legal drama with Snail Games over “borrowed” assets and a de-listing from Steam in 2021, this survival strategy MMO is heading toward a full re-launch on February 21st.

While this marks a delay from a previous announcement that the launch would be on February 5th, it nevertheless will mark one of the first full-fledged MMORPG releases in 2024. Angela Game said that a Steam playtest in North America, Europe, and Asia is scheduled to arrive prior to this from January 23rd through the 30th. This test comes with a new Donghzou Island map that’s one of the final pieces of launch content.

According to its Steam page, Myth of Empires is “a multiplayer war sandbox game featuring a high degree of freedom. Players must survive, craft, create, and lead troops in their quest to conquer territory and build their own empire.”

Source: Press release
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