Tower of Fantasy dates ‘1.5th anniversary’ events and discusses plans to open a classic server


It hasn’t even been two years yet, but that isn’t going to stop Tower of Fantasy from whipping out the party favors. The shared-world RPG is popping off multiple events to celebrate its “1.5th anniversary” that stretch across the remainder of January and into the early part of March.

The event calendar showcases a whole bundle of freebies that will be up for grabs including currencies, materials, and goodie boxes. The items and offers are gathered across several dates and methods, either through logging in, taking part in seasonal events, or taking up special missions that will arrive with the January 30th update. The tweet is also calling attention to cash shop items for those who care to spend money on the RPG.

Speaking of events, the game is continuing to tease its Evangelion crossover, as it once more promises that the worlds of TOF and the mecha anime will blend sometime in the first half of 2024.

In other TOF news, word of a classic server that launched for the Chinese version of the game in December has prompted discussion of a similar server for the west: Tencent’s Hotta Studio confirms that the server is coming, but only after it has considered what it will look like for western players. The post otherwise promises that creation of a classic server won’t see resources taken from the standard version and explains that the server will mostly be built for those who want “harder challenges, more cooperative instances, and more efficient balance adjustments.”

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site
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