Embers Adrift’s 2024 roadmap promises more solo support and a free trial coming this month


Embers Adrift’s Stormhaven Studios is the latest MMO team to deliver a juicy roadmap – and it’s promising “big steps” for the indie title, though it doesn’t include hard dates for anything.

“Our immediate priorities are focused around the community,” the studio says, echoing some of the changes already begun (like the bulletin board system) in the patch earlier this week. “We’ve taken a serious look at the feedback we’ve received and determined that we need to give players a better solo experience without compromising grouping and give new players a chance to try the game without paying up front.”

“Therefore, we are happy to announce that we will be introducing a free trial for Embers Adrift. This will include all of the content in the entire first zone as well as the first dungeon. This will give new players the chance to experience the questing, bulletin boards and solo experience, as well as the grouping experience as they delve into the Central Veins dungeon. We plan to launch the free trial around the end of February.”

The team is also working on more bulletin board features (like soloable crafting and exploration tasks), a “secret plan” in testing now, new encounter tech, fishing, epic quests, and new zones; longer-term, expect another leg of alchemy, the mail system, and better weather too.

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