Wayfinder previews interface quality-of-life and damage reduction balancing

Sure, all right.

Pay no attention to the rogue sdsds at the top of Wayfinder’s patch notes: This is a real patch and not just the ramblings of somebody’s cat.

Airship Syndicate, presumably still smarting from last week’s layoffs, has indeed dropped a preview for its upcoming update, which includes two major components: the UI and a balance patch. Notably, the interface tweaks include facelifts for everything from the character menu and tooltips to the inventory. We also spy a quality-of-life upgrade for crafting tech and “the ability to travel to any discover Signal Fire in any zone via a single button press sub-menu via the World Map.”

As for the balance pass, it’s focused on damage reduction calculations. The studio thinks its old system was poorly communicated and made damage too spikey.

“For these reasons, we have changed how damage reduction is calculated. Now, rather than comparing defense to the base power of an attack, defense is compared to a standard value based on the enemy’s Power Level. With this system, the damage reduction percentage given in the stats page is the percentage reduction against attacks from same-level enemies. Damage reduction percentage will change slightly when fighting enemies at a higher or lower Power Level, but it will be far more consistent with this system than it was previously.”

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