Star Wars Galaxies’ Restoration rogue server launches Schisms of Heretics with new Jedi content


If there were an award for slick rogue server promotions, Star Wars Galaxies Restoration 3 would win it this month, as the announcement newsletter for its Publish 1.2 The Schisms of Heretics includes not only a video but a welcome-back guide for returning players in a satisfyingly organized layout. Oh, and a full and proper press release. Be still my heart.

“Restoration is excited to introduce Jedi into the world of Star Wars Galaxies, as it was always meant to be,” the team says. “An original storyline revolving around the purge of the Jedi set in the Restoration universe, explains attitudes towards Force Sensitive characters, and the challenges those players will face in the galaxy they live in. These unique mechanics will invite the participation of all players within a galaxy far, far away, providing unique opportunities for both those who have begun and unlocked their force sensitive journey, and those still searching. The result: a game where anyone can be a Jedi, but mechanics and story that keep Jedi rarely seen.”

Would-be glowstick fans are now able to become Jedi Padawans, contending with all the trials that entails: a visibility system that encourages them to stay hidden, an NPC group hunting them down, a redesigned Marauder themepark to challenge them, and a revamped Village storyline tied into the new mechanics and plot.

We also spy new veteran rewards, music, crafting schems, and badges.

Source: Press release, official site
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