Nightingale’s latest trailer teases crafting, combat, and stunning player housing


With its early access release only five days away, gaslamp-fantasy survivalbox – sorry, “open-world survival crafting game” – Nightingale is dropping yet another trailer to entrance would-be players. And admittedly, if crafting and housing are actually your jam, this eight-minute gameplay deep-dive is probably the one to watch, at it shows how players will build up their estates from small cabins to massive estates.

“A basic shelter is just the beginning – a refuge from the elements in which to rest, cook, and find moments of peace from the dangers of the fae wilds,” Inflexion says. “While your first buildings will be driven by safety and utility, over time you’ll build and expand cozy estates, gardens, and fortresses. You can choose from several structural designs, including Tudor, pagoda, stave, and more.” The buildings, of course, tie directly into crafting, as they’re the workshops at “the heart of your journey.”

“The new trailer [also] showcases character customization, building and crafting, weapons and combat, exploration using Realm Cards, Apex creatures, Dungeons, and multiplayer features. The latter include The Watch, a social hub where Realmwalkers can meet, plan adventures, pick up quests or jump into challenging dungeons together.”

Source: Press release
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