RuneScape releases its wide-reaching combat adjustments in today’s update


If you get into a fight or two in RuneScape today, it’s probably going to feel a little bit different – and ideally a whole lot better. That’s because this week’s update has officially launched the earlier outlined series of general combat adjustments all with an eye to make fighting fluid.

The changes are obviously pretty granular considering the depth at which they drill down, but the MMORPG’s weekly newsletter explains they’re needed to make fighting closer to the fluid sensation of Necromancy, with better tooltips, an overhaul to accuracy, and improvements to critical strikes and ranged attacks. To help further support players in their preferred combat skills, RuneScape has brought back Thok’s Smashing Buffs from now until March 11th.

Obviously the patch notes for this week’s update provide every possible piece of information players could hope for, so fans will likely want to read up on the lot, along with details of Oddments Store changes, another lootbox calendar, and the usual community showcase section.

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