Tencent discusses plans for Tarisland’s experience, raid, class, and energy optimization


Apparently all we had to do is complain a lil bit about Tarisland going quiet because this week, Tencent has opened the floodgates. Just in the last day, it’s dropped two dev blogs on Discord ahead of its planned technical beta test later this month, with several more apparently on the way.

The first dev missive focuses on daily experience optimization and fixes to the inscribed stone system, notably to reduce the grind. Tencent says it’s “reduced the workload” inherent in these repeatable quests, made dungeon gameplay easier, added catch-up mechanics and tracks for players who fall behind, removed inscribed stone energy gains from exploration (to keep people more even in levels for grouping), and rebalanced stone energy from dailies.

The second blog dives into raid experience optimization and class balance; the team aims to retool the raid schedule and dungeon matchmaking, remove the company limit, rebalance trinity roles with rewards in mind, rethink PvP attributes, and allow arena spec and ultimate swaps only before matches begin.

“Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gaming proficiency or device used, can enjoy the thrill of raiding,” reiterate the studio’s reps.

Tencent says it’ll be elaborating on overall experience optimization, peripheral systems optimization, and its upcoming development plan next.

Source: Discord
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