Tarisland talks up its ‘misc PvE gameplay’ content in latest video


Many of the previews coming out of Tarisland recently have often pointed to the MMORPG’s raiding as the pinnacle (and arguably primary) activity. However, a new video from Tencent is casting a spotlight across the “misc PvE gameplay” that will be on offer. And just in case you were wondering, yes, the narrator did read the word “misc” verbatim. Assuming the narration is from an actual human, anyway.

The variety of different PvE content on offer is broken down into three categories: world exploration, which involves roaming zone maps to find treasure chests and exploration events or earning reputation; world challenges such as world boss fights and the Universal Hall; and casual activities, like fishing, solo mini-games (with the promise of multiplayer ones to come later), and festivals that arrive every one to two months.

“We don’t want Tarisland to be a dungeon launcher,” the video explains. “We want it to be a real world with dungeon challenges as its core and many fun activities to fill in the spaces in between.” Whether that’s the case or not will likely be up to personal interpretation after watching the video.

source: YouTube
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