Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Rust’s latest update brings a resource-harvesting excavator online

In survival sandboxes, it's all about them resources, and I'm hard-pressed to think anything would be better at harvesting resources than a gigantic rig...

Nexon aims to fully acquire Patrick Söderlund’s Embark Studios with a stock buyout

On the heels of multiple financial news bursts, Nexon has decided to spend money on a studio once again. This time the cash splash...

H1Z1 opens wide the landscape of its new Outland map

Smaller size, muscle cars, and a place for pretty much every type of battle royale playstyle (though I always thought "shoot people, don't get...

EVE-inspired MMORTS Starborne celebrates its third alpha server launch

Have you ever heard of Starborne? It's a large-scale MMORTS where players seek to control territory in a massive map over individual eight week-long...

The Repopulation checks in with an update on vehicles and mounts

It's been a couple of months since we heard much from The Repopulation, but delays ensured that the most recent dev blog combines July and...

Researcher stomps the ‘lockboxes are Kinder Eggs’ defense into paste

Most if not all of us pretty much felt the same way Dr. Daniel King, senior research assistant from the School of Psychology at...

Crowfall’s July ACE Q&A dissects the Fortunes of War update

The end of July saw Crowfall's latest ACE Q&A session, which was held back on account of J. Todd Coleman's work travel. Both he...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s latest roundtable discussion is all about programming

Nothing about programming is sexy, as far as my plebeian mind can ascertain. Its lines of digital eldritch language that weave together the threads...

Star Trek Online lays out a roadmap of updates for the next six months

With Star Trek Las Vegas just in our rearview mirror, it would stand to reason that Star Trek Online would have a number of...

Warframe’s Dog Days summer event lets Tenno play with water guns for goodies

The world of Warframe is pretty dire and depressing, what with all of the enemy factions and plains full of gigantic monstrosities, so it's...

Guild Season 7 kicks off in Albion Online with new challenges and mount skin seasonal rewards

Today marks the moment in Albion Online where guilds can duke it out for bragging rights, glory, and very likely a whole bunch of...

Ship of Heroes will open some of Apotheosis City in its upcoming character creation beta

Earlier this week, we reported on the upcoming August beta for the Character Creation Tool (CCT) in Ship of Heroes, alluding to the fact...

RuneScape Q&A covers banking, farming, and more as Jagex teases August updates

Often, Q&A sessions with the devs have a sort of focus, be it a new expansion release or a gameplay style or some other...

Warframe on Nintendo Switch gets a performance boosting patch

One of the more remarkable things about the Nintendo Switch is that it can provide you with some pretty high fidelity gaming in a...

Black Desert Mobile Korea adds a new succession class for the Berserker

So the opening part of the video for the new class added to Black Desert Mobile sees the character whipping an enemy into the...

SoulWorker offers increased XP and item drops after a rocky EU server merge

So the EU server merge -- excuse me, server fusion -- that we reported on this past July has come and gone. Unfortunately, it...

Inside Star Citizen talks New Babbage, item misfires, and the law and lore of the Stanton system

The weekly video digest from Star Citizen is out there once more, and this week's episode has some pretty interesting topics. We get a...

Elder Scrolls Blades patches in new enemies, challenges, and other adjustments

Since Elder Scrolls Blades is making inroads at being a bit more successful recently, it would stand to reason that the devs of the...

Player questions about the Star Citizen Ballista and air defense gameplay are answered

So there's a new vehicle in Star Citizen. Now while that might elicit rolling eyes and totally original commentary about that news, this new...

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a peek at how the Mercenary class is changing in Onslaught

We all know that things are due to shift in Star Wars: The Old Republic, especially in the face of several class adjustments. But...