RuneScape lets players rear dinos, Old School RuneScape beta tests the Nightmare of Ashihama


Whether you want to raise dinos or take on horrifying nightmare monsters, both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have you covered respectively with some brand new content to check out. Or you can go nuts and do both, you daring rebel you.

RuneScape’s Ranch Out of Time update has opened up the opportunity to be a dinosaur farmer, bringing along with it some previously discussed new level caps for Farming and Herbivore skill lines that promise new discoveries at every level. Of course, it’s really all about raising dinos on Anachronia, but being able to make new potions and bombs is pretty neat, too.

As for OSRS, beta testing for the Nightmare of Ashihama has begun, along with the first look at the poll questions that will be asked of players once they’ve had some time fighting the Nightmare. The post not only offers a look at said poll questions, but also offers some lore surrounding the encounter for those who are interested.

sources: press release, official site

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