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Diablo III polishes legendary gems in next update

Blizzard’s all-seeing eye has turned its attention to legendary gems as one of the foci of the upcoming Diablo III Patch 2.4.1. Basically, the developers looked at the field of gems and realized that some of them were underperforming and needed some love.

The team posted a new developer diary yesterday explaining its philosophy behind legendary gems and what it will be doing with these underperformers: “While we aren’t updating every legendary gem that might need a little help (and it’s possible we’ll re-examine other gems in the future), there are quite a few that stuck out to us as either needing more clearly defined roles or just that layer of new polish to keep them up to date in a Sanctuary that’s evolved over time.”

A few examples of legendary gem updates were given, such as a complete redesign to Taeguk, which should now have a better defined identity.

Source: Diablo III


Star Citizen touches base with all of its teams’ progress

You know those NASA-type movies where the flight director pings all the various departments looking for updates on whether or not to launch? Well, making an MMO must be more complicated than sending a spacecraft to the moon, as evidenced by how many departments and people the Star Citizen team pings on a regular basis.

In a new episode of Around the Verse, the hosts check in with several of Star Citizen’s groups and figures, including a lengthy interview with COO Carl Jones. The team said that it’s making progress with Patch 2.3, although we don’t have a lot of specific details about that update yet. As players wait for that to drop, they can enjoy a limited period of time to fly all craft for free.

You can read the full transcript on INN or watch the latest episode of Around the Verse after the break.

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Earthrise: First Impact rears up on Steam Greenlight

Hands up if anyone here remembers Earthrise. The post-apocalyptic MMO had a disappointing run from 2011 to 2012, ending with its closing by Masthead Studios due to poor reviews and not living up to its expectations.

We’ve known for some time that the game was picked up for a possible reboot, although the timetable on when this would happen has been fuzzy. Happily, it appears that progress is being made as Earthrise: First Impact popped up on Steam Greenlight.

Earthrise is being handled by SilentFuture Games, a developer out of Germany. According to a notice posted today on Facebook, fans have a reason to hope for the game’s revival: “As some might have noticed, we got Earthrise a spot on Steam. We are actually working on many changes and additions which includes the server. This might cause some outtakes. We are sorry that we couldn’t write much news, but we are still working on it.”

Source: FacebookSteam. Thanks to Coolit for the tip!


See the new Warcraft movie trailer and poster

Warcraft’s June 10th movie premiere is coming a lot faster than you’d think, and the promotion machine for the fantasy film is well underway. There’s a new one-minute TV trailer that came out this week that shows a few brand-new shots, including one of a Dwarf firing a pistol. What, you’re telling me that there are other races in this film?

It’s a tight, exciting montage of action, magic, duels, and knights in full plate armor sprinting across the battlefield. We’ve got the short trailer for you after the jump as well as another treat for movie fans: the new official poster for Warcraft. Star Wars homage, anyone? Check it out and let us know what you think!

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best armor design?

Face it: If MMOs only had our characters wearing paper bags as outfits, there would still be some of us in the community debating which brand of bag looked better, which had more impressive textures, and which could be folded in new and exciting ways to show off our buff physique. You really can’t stop the fashion crowd, after all!

But happily we’ve passed the paper bag era and are into games that have amazing (and not-so-amazing) arrays of armor, gear, and outfits. Not all of them are equal, of course, and it does seem that some games have better wardrobe artists than others.

Let’s throw down as we strut down the runway and debate which MMO has the best overall armor design!

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World of Warcraft: Legion alpha patch revises class and artifact traits

June 30th release or no, World of Warcraft: Legion continues on with its alpha test program. Today Blizzard patched in several adjustments to various class, artifact, and PvP traits to hopefully bring the expansion in line with its final vision.

The studio made several significant adjustments to classes based on testing and community feedback. Several builds have been treated to completely new talents, such as the Enhancement Shaman, while other skill mechanics, such as Rogue’s Roll the Bones, have been tweaked somewhat. Holy Paladins? Sorry to say that you’re on the receiving end of a level 100 talent nerf.

Blizzard also revised several artifact traits and PvP talents with this update. If you’re on the test server and want the full skinny, check out the patch notes to see if any of these changes impact you and your character.


SMITE brings in the winter goddess Skadi, starts selling 2016 season ticket

Winter might be defrosting fast in the northern hemisphere, but in SMITE it’s only getting going.

The MOBA introduced the winter goddess Skadi this week in patch 3.4, and she might be the best thing that the season’s produced since Jack Frost. Skadi can summon snowstorms, change into a beast form, fling her spear, and call a winter wolf to her side for battle.

SMITE also started selling its 2016 season ticket to players who want to pursue an alternate reward track this year. The season ticket costs 450 gems to activate and immediately delivers a special Bellona skin to the purchaser. Rewards can be earned by winning matches and voting on esports match-ups and include chests, skins, and announcer packs.

You can watch the Skadi god reveal video after the jump!

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EVE Online player spends three years visiting every system

Despite the common perception that EVE Online is nothing but corporate intrigue and scams, some players do actually eschew the cutthroat capitalist meta game for something else entirely. One such example is Katia Sae, a player who made it her mission to explore every single system and planet in the game.

It only took her three years of game time to do so.

Over those three years, Katia Sae visited all 5,201 systems and over 44,000 planets in her quest to be the game’s predominant explorer. Even more interesting, she admits that she was never fragged in her journeys: “One of the most memorable and perhaps the funniest was when I was asked in local why they couldn’t find me on any killboards. I found it was more difficult to explain than I thought when I said I hadn’t lost a ship nor engaged in any combat. I don’t think they believed me or could grasp the concept.”

Source: EVENT. Thanks to CistaCista for the tip!


Get Daredevil for free in Marvel Heroes this weekend

To celebrate the second season of Daredevil coming out on Netflix this month, Marvel Heroes is giving away the hero this weekend to anyone who doesn’t have him yet.

By logging on this Saturday or Sunday, all players will get a Daredevil token that can either unlock the character or be used to upgrade his ultimate power. Because Marvel Heroes doesn’t ever know how to stop with one good thing, it’s also piling on a major bonus experience boost into next week, with extra XP if you play one of the main Daredevil series characters.

Marvel Heroes has also triggered its St. Patrick’s Day event and added two new Daredevil achievements for additional fun. We’d tell the game to stop with all the goodies because there’s only so many hours in a day, but somehow we don’t think it would listen.

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Overwatch prepares expanded media universe

As if there isn’t already enough excitement over the fact that Overwatch will be launching in a little over two months, Blizzard revealed yesterday some of its plans for an expanded media universe featuring the new superhero property.

The studio has several projects in the works to elaborate on the backstory and characters of Overwatch, starting with a series of animated shorts that will debut this month. Also coming over the next two months are six free digital comics that will give some “screen time” to various heroes. Finally, a graphic novel about the creation of the Overwatch team, called First Strike, will come later in 2016.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Overwatch’s animated shorts after the break!

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Superfight lets viewers judge ridiculous imaginary contests

Anyone who’s had friends has, at one time or another, gotten into arguments about silly hypothetical match-ups between various fictional and real figures. Who would win in a fight? Before, there was no way to answer this other than whoever yelled the loudest; now, we have a game that can pronounce a final judgment on these imaginary battles.

The game is Superfight, which actually has been out for a while as a popular card game. A digital version is planned to come out on Steam this July that will include live support, expansions, and ways to level up.

So what is Superfight? The idea here is that players will draw a handful of cards to create their fighting force and then argue who would win. The digital version will be integrated with Twitch, allowing parties of three or four players to attempt to persuade the viewing audience that their side would indeed win. The audience can then vote for a winner and doesn’t this sound like the most awesome thing ever?

Ahem. You can watch the trailer for Superfight after the break.

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RIFT starts testing its multicore tech

We’re betting that there are some of you in the Massively OP audience that gets an involuntary shiver whenever someone uses a sexy technical term, such as “multicore.” Please try to keep your shrill squees to a minimum while in the workplace or classroom as you read the rest of this article.

Trion Worlds started testing out its new multicore support for RIFT this week, and it’s invited players to check out the beta. The feature’s already been incorporated with the game, so there’s no special download required, just a change of the settings if a player is interested.

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Camelot Unchained’s team goes in depth on class design

It would be a mistake to assume that just because Camelot Unchained has a trio of classes in any given archetype, all of those classes will be mirrors of each other. While that might have been the case in titles such as Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, City State Entertainment emphasized on a livestream that each class will feel, look, and act distinct from each other.

“The idea of the characters is that we don’t want to make them equivalent,” said CSE’s Ben Pielstick. “We don’t want to mirror them.”

Curious how this will work? So are we! CSE recently recorded a class-focused livestream to talk about the classes, including how each of them will be specialized toward a specific role and playstyle. Check it out after the break!

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