Justin Olivetti

Justin Olivetti

Senior Reporter

A casual gamer and long-time MMO fan, Justin is often heard yelling, "Player housing for all!" in the Massively Overpowered offices. In addition to news, he tackles LOTRO Legendarium for LOTRO, The Perfect Ten, Jukebox Heroes, the retrospective Game Archaeologist series, One Shots, and the Massively OP podcast.

Personal blog: BioBreak
Twitter: @sypster

Battle Bards MMO music podcast goes on an endless journey

Battle Bards, the world’s first and only MMO music podcast, returns for its 60th episode in which the co-hosts explore the theme of "endless...

Gloria Victis patches in headshots

Just a week after adding combat and fortress improvements into its pre-alpha, Gloria Victis is back with another patch that should make fighting even...

TERA replaces new player zone, offers returning vets a helping hand

How do you feel when your MMO completely redoes its newbie experience? That's a question that TERA players are going to have to ask themselves when...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 32: WildStumble

Justin and Bree discuss SWTOR, Project Gorgon, Ultima Online, WildStar, Dragon's Prophet, EQ franchise expansions, and Camelot Unchained, with mailbag questions on armchair game dev and catering to whales.

Novus Inceptio sorts out the first days of alpha testing

The sci-fi survival sandbox Novus Inceptio has launched its early access program, and the team is sorting out feedback and metrics from the alpha...

WildStar’s lead writer answers pressing lore questions

Carbine Lead Writer Cory Herndon fielded dozens of WildStar questions this past weekend, most of which had to do with the lore of the game. The...

Player explorer returns from 10-month mission in Elite Dangerous

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Pioneer. Its 10-month mission: to explore strange new systems, to seek out new...

John Smedley’s company moves into an office, is working on a new game

While ex-Daybreak CEO John Smedley isn't quite ready to reveal what his new game company is all about, he did post a couple of...

The Crew announces Wild Run expansion for November

Insert exciting driving metaphor here, for The Crew announced today that it is coming out with an expansion next month. Called Wild Run, the expansion will...

Lineage II goes Underground on October 14

Suit up, Lineage II players, because you're about to embark on your most amazing adventure yet. On October 14th, NCsoft will be releasing the game's Underground...

Firefall aims for an update every six to eight weeks

Firefall isn't keeping its players in the dark regarding the game's future plans. Red 5 posted a development schedule that includes the next four...

Daybreak might bring back 1997 tank shooter Tanarus [Updated: Nope]

One of the oldest online shooters could be facing a resurrection in the near future. On an EverQuest II stream last week, Daybreak mentioned that it was...

RIFT patch 3.4 is coming this Wednesday

RIFT's massive fall update will be coming to the game in a mere couple of days. Patch 3.4: Into the Wilds is scheduled to release...

The MOP Up: How long would you last in your MMO? (October 4, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Gloria Victis patches for kicks

The latest pre-alpha build of Gloria Victis went live this past week, and it's all about the most deadly attack of them all: kicking. Scoff...

Carbine muses about WildStar on consoles

With the spotlight on WildStar this week, many are thinking about the game's future, including the folks at Carbine. One possibility for the game...

One Shots: Caught in the act

If I were an MMO character, I'd be completely paranoid that at any point in my life, I could be photographed by an invisible...

SWTOR details combat changes, level sync in Fallen Empire

Quite a few combat changes are in store for players when Knights of the Fallen Empire hits SWTOR later this month. A new dev...

The Game Archaeologist: The assassination of Lord British

At the end of August 2015, the fledgling Shroud of the Avatar community gathered together for a massive PvP fight. This wasn't to be...

Camelot Unchained announces early 2016 beta test

Camelot Unchained looks to be moving into beta testing in early 2016. In a livestream yesterday, City State Entertainment revealed that the beta should kick off before the...