Camelot Unchained now has game map as big as Washington D.C.


With a new UI programmer on staff, Camelot Unchained is growing in leaps and bounds during the final weeks of the year. The team announced in its most recent newsletter that the game now features a much bigger world map.

“Also of note is the new, much larger map we’ve dropped into the game build!” CSE said. “It’s approximately 64 times bigger than the one we had been testing before. At 173.35 square kilometers, it’s roughly the size of Washington D.C., or six Vatican Cities!”

In other Camelot Unchained news, the team has opened a swag shop, showed off some concept art, shared how the client UI is changing, and given an overview of the upcoming Beta 1 test. “Although Beta 1 will be far from a finished game, it will be the first time most of the major pieces come together in a way that is meant to be fun and exciting in addition to being stable and functional,” CSE stated.

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