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Matt Daniel


Matt is an incurable, lifelong nerd who has almost certainly spent more time in front of various screens and monitors than is strictly healthy. On the rare occasions that he manages to pull himself away from said screens and monitors, he's probably absorbed in a good book or scribbling down the latest half-formed story that's popped into his head.

Twitter: @Matt_DanielMVOP
Order from disorder.

Apex Legends kicks off its second season with an altered arena and a new legend

The Apex Games are back in full swing, as Apex Legends has just kicked off its second season. Dubbed Battle Charge, the new season...

PixARK’s summer update introduces new subspecies and a sporty motorboat

Summer fun has arrived in the voxelated world of PixARK, whose latest patch introduced a slew of new aquatic subspecies and swanky seasonal outfits....

Conqueror’s Blade’s first major update brings five new units, endgame progression, and balance tweaks

Every good knight needs a squire, so it's convenient that free-to-play medieval-warfare MMO Conqueror's Blade has just released its first major update, Knights &...

Newly proposed Chinese gaming regulations target romantic plotlines and sexual content

Love conquers all -- except for Chinese gaming regulations, if the recently proposed rules for game content regulation come to pass. The People's Daily,...

The Division 2 begins rolling out Title Update 5 features to the Public Test Server

Attention, Division agents: The Division 2's upcoming Title Update 5 is now live on the game's Public Test Server on PC, and over the...

Star Citizen brings patch 3.6 to wave 1 backers, introduces new universal launcher

The next stage of Star Citizen's alpha test, update 3.6, is live and running on the game's Public Test Universe for wave 1 backers,...

Co-op sandbox Portal Knights releases free Questing Update and DLC

The adorable fantasy-construction-sandbox world of Portal Knights has just gotten a little bit bigger today with the dual-pronged release of a free game update...

Steambirds Alliance is a new co-op bullet-hell shooter from the creators of Realm of the Mad God

The creators of Realm of the Mad God are back with another chaotic co-op bullet hell, but this time they're abandoning the realm of...

OrbusVR’s Ruins of Guild City raid has officially launched alongside market stall revamps

Following its beta release a couple of weeks ago, OrbusVR's Ruins of Guild City raid has officially opened its doors with the release of...

The Division 2 previews sweeping skill adjustments as it works on making loot more satisfying

Big changes are coming to The Division 2's loot and skill systems beginning with the upcoming Title Update 5, the devs revealed in yesterday's...

Alliance vs Empire introduces new class gear and 3v3 PvP mode in latest patch

Nexon's free-to-play mobile MMORPG Alliance vs Empire's latest update goes live today, and it introduces the powerful new class gear weapon type, a new...
Make me different.

Shake things up with Guild Wars 2’s skill-swapping Core Swap WvW event

ArenaNet will be bringing a touch of Highlander influence to Guild Wars 2's world-vs-world PvP battles at the beginning of July with the introduction...
Speaking of deaths and looping...

Fallout 76 adjusts Nuclear Winter balance, squashes a whole bunch of bugs

Fallout 76's recently introduced Nuclear Winter battle royale mode graduates from pre-beta to beta today as Bethesda rolls out the game's latest patch, which...
Save money.

Fortnite unvaults the revolver, tweaks gun balance in latest patch

The latest Fortnite update is live, and it brings back from the vault everyone's favorite big iron, the revolver, and continues the ongoing 14...

Path of Exile’s melee classes experience a surge of popularity in the Legion league

The third week of Path of Exile's Legion league has begun, and as is the custom, Grinding Gear Games has posted a new dev...

Expand your wardrobe with five new legendary gear sets in Grim Dawn’s latest update

Tidy up those inventories, Grim Dawn players: The latest update to Crate Entertainment's dark-fantasy ARPG, which went live yesterday, introduces five all-new legendary gear...

Sea of Thieves promises a more ‘predictable, regular cadence’ for content in latest video

In this week's Sea of Thieves developer update video, Executive Producer Joe Neate digs into the latest update for Rare's high-seas sandbox and discusses...

RuneScape preps Breaking the Storm event, Old School rolls out Wilderness changes

This July, RuneScape's summer update The Land Out of Time will pull back the proverbial curtain on the temporally anomalous island of Anachronia, where...

Abstract Era Entertainment announces new sandbox MMO Seconds from Silence

Shh, do you hear that? That's the sound of a new MMORPG, as this week fledgling studio Abstract Era Entertainment announced the existence of...

New RIFT team letter discusses release cycle changes and the game’s future

Ever since Gamigo acquired Trion Worlds back in October 2018, RIFT players have been left in a sort of limbo in regard to what...