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Chekov joins Star Trek Online in Agents of Yesterday

Over the years, Star Trek Online has become a high school reunion of sorts for actors from the movies and various series. One of the latest surviving members of the original series, Walter Keonig, will be lending his voice talents to the upcoming Agents of Yesterday expansion.

So how will Keonig’s Pavel Chekov come across in the game? Cryptic wrote a dev blog today showing the creation of two versions of Chekov: one from the original series and one from the movie era.

It’s a good move on Keonig’s part, as it means that his character will finally get an overdue promotion in the franchise: “Things have changed in our timeline for Chekov since the incident on board the Enterprise-B and the loss of Captain Kirk. He’s been promoted to captain and has joined the ranks of the temporal agents, where he’ll play a key role in several missions […] Chekov remains one of our most prominent icons in the TOS experience. We had a lot of fun making him!”


Examining the skills and missions of Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC

So let’s say you’re planning on joining the Dark Brotherhood once The Elder Scrolls Online’s next DLC launches. How, exactly, do you plan on going about your assassiny activities in a world where Dexter’s kill bag and clean room plastic wrap aren’t needed?

That’s the topic of today’s blog piece from ZeniMax. Once a player has embarked on the Voices in the Dark quest, she’ll be able to make use of the Dark Brotherhood’s skill line, which includes access to a stabby dagger, getaway skills, a fence, and reduced threat. Dark Brotherhood members will also be undertaking three types of quests:

  • Contract quests, the bread-and-butter contract killings the guild assigns;
  • Sacrament quests, which require players to bust into “subterranean locations to slaughter targets” and offer bonus objectives; and
  • Bounty quests, which are dailies for activities like delving and arenas and aren’t limited to the Brotherhood.

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Surprise! The Secret World launches Issue #15

Eureka, I’ve got it! That’s what The Secret World fans are saying about Issue #15 now that the servers are back up. If this comes as a surprise, it’s because it is! While we knew that The Sleuth’s Gallery, which combines all the previous Sidestories packs into a single issue, would be available soon, Funcom never gave an actual date. Issue #15 is not just a compilation of previous content, however; it also includes a new investigation mission that starts in Kaidan but sends you all across the world in search of answers. Devs are calling this the most in-depth investigation mission yet.

All players who previously bought any of the Sidestories packs now have the entirety of Issue #15 for free; they can also get the collectors edition for the difference in price. What does this collectors edition offer? How about the chance to go all Sherlock Holmes-y with an account-wide Sleuth’s Deerstalker hat, Sleuth’s Inverness cape (neck item), and the Sleuth’s Pipe emote. Get a gander at the rewards below:

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Star Wars: The Old Republic announces Mandalore’s Revenge, coming June 3rd

BioWare has just announced Mandalore’s Revenge, the next chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline. More than that, the studio has confirmed just who the Mandalore is, something we suspected but didn’t know for sure.

“The newest chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion gives the Outlander an opportunity to confront Emperor Arcann with an army of ruthless Mandalorian warriors. Enlist the help of the infamous bounty hunter [SPOILER] as you and your Alliance move to seize control of the most powerful armada in the galaxy – the Eternal Fleet. Prepare to brave the harsh desert world of Darvannis and survive its brutal enemy forces in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy from the Eternal Empire forever – and earn the loyalties of [SPOILER] and unyielding Mandalorian warriors!”

So who's the Mandalore? Click here to reveal the name we've censored above.
Shae Vizla.

As usual with these chapters, subbers gain access to chapter 1 through chapter 13, while freebie players who’ve not subbed for the storyline at all will be able to jump into a trial of chapter one and potentially snag a level 60 character boost upon activating. Those subbed by June 1st will also find their accounts granted an Eternal Empire Patroller vehicle. “Subscribe by June 1 to receive Early Access to Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge on June 1 and Chapter 15 coming later this [summer],” BioWare suggests. [Update: BioWare has since clarified to MOP that both chapter 14 and 15 will release in June.]

Watch the teaser trailer below — just note, it’s also got spoilers!

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Seventeen things you need to know about Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

If you felt the flames of love for the original Star Trek series stoked by last week’s announcement of Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday, then chances are you’ve been hungry for any scrap of information about this summer’s expansion.

Fortunately, Priority One Podcast is there to help. In this week’s show, the ‘cast sat down for a very lengthy interview with Cryptic Lead Designer Al Rivera about Agents of Yesterday. In between pumping him for clarification about the announcement and trying to pry out a few new details about STO’s third expansion, the hosts managed to glean a better picture of what’s to come for the game.

We listened through the podcast and took notes, so hit the jump to read 17 things you need to know about Agents of Yesterday. When you’re done with that, make sure you check out the podcast as well!

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How Guild Wars 2 will improve WvW scoring

The Guild Wars 2 community has been asking for improvements to scoring in the game’s world-vs-world battles, and ArenaNet is moving swiftly to bring these changes to the game.

In a forum post yesterday, the studio explained why it wants to shore up the scoring system and how it plans to do just that. One of the big reasons for the changes is to break WvW out of situations where there’s no chance of a comeback or where there are runaway matches.

The WvW week-long matches will be further divided into two-hour segments called skirmishes that will award victory points at the end of each. “This keeps the winning and losing scores closer together, allowing the losing worlds a fighting chance,” ArenaNet said. “Teams will still want to win as many time slices as possible, off-hours coverage is still important, but less dominant.”

The studio is also considering a victory point multiplier based on populations and time of the day, a “last stand” multiplier, and other ways to rack up points for your team that should be quicker than before.


Final Fantasy XI patches in job mastery battlefields for May

Do you think you’re one of the best in your chosen job in Final Fantasy XI? Have you unlocked all of your job point categories, earned your mastery, and made a name for yourself? If so, that’s great, but it also means you need to take on some challenges suitable for your ability. The game’s May version update brings with it new battle content known as Master Trials, battles for 3 to 6 players who have mastered their jobs to take on challenges meant to stretch jobs to their absolute limits.

The update also adds in new objectives to Records of Eminence and a new set of storage NPCs allowing you to keep crystals you want to save without selling in storage. There’s also a new system to queue for Ambuscade content and a new Superior item vendor available for those who need a bit more of an edge while starting out at higher levels. It’s not quite as sizable as the game’s last update, but it’s only been a month, and those trials of mastery are sure to keep expert players busy for quite some time.


SMITE’s Susano swings storms and swords

As part of its big patch today, SMITE has pushed live Susano, God of the Summer Storm, the newest entry to the Japanese pantheon in the Hi-Rez MOBA. He’s a master of storm magic and a katana-wielder; wind, gusts, jetstreams, whirlwinds, hurricanes, and typhoons are all at his command. His extreme mobility and swashbuckly damage combine for a hit-and-run storm assassin character with a sweet, sweet hat. Check out the reveal trailer below!

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Bringing on the beards in DDO’s Gnomework, now live

The wait to enter Dungeons and Dragons Online’s new dungeons is over — unless you are stuck at work, that is! Update 31: Gnomework is live and the servers are open for players to hop in and check out the three new free quests that will take them on adventures through these dungeons. In one quest players are helping someone find the rest of her party in an ancient tomb (not like you’ve ever been separated from your group, right?). Another quest is a choose-your-own adventure story brought to life by a gnome Illusionist, and the third involves a mysterious enchanter inventor.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, is the addition of six new beards for gnomes and several new beards and two new hairstyles for human males. Finding just the right arrangement of facial follicles should be that much easier. This update also includes a score of enhancements and bug fixes.

Patch notes, official site; thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!


How Elder Scrolls Online converts veteran ranks to champion points

ZeniMax has just posted a deep-dive into the veteran rank system obliteration coming with The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC. “The goal for transitioning away from Veteran Ranks was to streamline the leveling process, and make it easier to spread Champion Points to other characters on your account,” explains the studio. “With the initial release of the Champion System back in Update 6, tracking your power level included both your Veteran Rank and Champion number. Now, the removal of the Veteran Rank system means your character’s strength after level 50 is tracked exclusively via Champion Points.”

ZeniMax assures players that champion points will accrue more quickly than veteran ranks and that silver and gold zones have been rebalanced accordingly. Your VR-level gear will be converted by the game on patch day; there’s even a conversion system:

“Every Veteran Rank corresponds to 10 Champion Points. If you were previously wearing VR5 gear and fighting VR8 monsters, you will now be wearing Champion Point 50 gear and be fighting Champion Point 80 monsters. Gear will have the same stats, and monsters will be just as strong as they were before.”

Source: Dev blog


World of Warcraft: Legion beta starts this Thursday

Say goodbye to World of Warcraft: Legion’s “alpha” phase, boys and girls. Blizzard announced today on a dev stream that the expansion’s beta testing is starting this week.

To be precise, the beta will kick off on Thursday, May 12th, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Invitations for the beta should start going out soon, and all participants — both previous alpha testers and new beta players — will have to start the expansion as a fresh level 100 due to an end-of-alpha wipe.

Originally Blizzard announced that Legion’s beta was scheduled for November 2015, but the studio later walked back the statement and changed the terminology to “alpha” instead.

In regard to the question of legacy servers, the devs said that the studio’s position hasn’t changed and that its current focus is on Legion. There was a lot of discussion on the stream about the idea of pristine servers, the desire for a vanilla experience, and how the pacing of the early game is off Blizzard’s standards.  “Heirlooms are a whole ‘nother level of degeneracy,” Ion Hazzikostas said, pointing to the current low-level game and how it’s a cakewalk for much of the population.

You can check out the dev stream discussion (and the crowd chanting “legacy!”) about the expansion after the break.

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First impressions of TERA’s Secrets & Shadows update and flying mounts

It’s no secret: TERA’s Secrets & Shadows update arrives this month! And many players are eagerly anticipating diving in to experience these changes for themselves. Besides two new dungeons and the new Ninja class, the sky’s the limit when it comes to travel (at least in some zones) thanks to the new flying mounts. Who wouldn’t want to soar high above the land, looking down upon and taunting those poor, earth-bound critters who can’t touch you… until you run out of flight time, that is? Of course I would, so the moment the opportunity to saddle up and check out Secrets & Shadows presented itself before its slated May 17th release, I hopped right on! I teamed up with Producer Patrick Sun, Community Manager Sean Gibbons, and Product Manager Matt Denomme for a jaunt through the skies, then we delved into the Shadow Sanctuary dungeon as a pack of new Ninjas. Here’s how it all turned out!

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Scotty joins Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion

Montgomery Scott casts a long shadow over pop culture in general; if you’ve ever played a game in which the engineer spoke with a Scottish accent, there are even odds that it’s because of James Doohan’s portrayal of the original Enterprise engineer. Doohan’s passing has meant that the character hasn’t had a speaking role thus far in Star Trek Online, but the mantle has now been passed to his son, and the team has offered players a look into what goes in to bringing Scotty into the game properly for the Agents of Yesterday expansion.

The designers went through the series piece by piece to produce a comprehensive model of Scotty’s facial structure and the way that it looked, both in his younger days during the original series and his later years from the films. It’s a fascinating look at how one translates a character from television to the video game arena, resulting in someone you’d be happy to ask to give you more power to the defense screens.

Source: Official Site; thanks to The_Grand_Nagus for the tip!


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