Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases Bespin, previews new Days of the Aned-Kla festival


It’s a weird year when rogue servers are getting more love than some live MMOs, but we’re not sorry to see it. One of those servers is Star Wars Galaxies Legends, which just dropped a whopper of a community report with news of future updates and events.

Let’s start with the event, since it’s something completely new to SWG fans, as it’s not just a recycled event from the SOE days. It’s a brand-new festival called The Days of the Aned-Kla, and it’s coming early next year to help fans celebrate the server’s fifth anniversary.

But what you’re probably even more interested in is the continuing teasers for Bespin, one of the planets the team has been working on since at least 2019 (that we know of!). SWG Legends dropped two more screenshots for the in-progress world, one an exterior shot from what is presumably Cloud City, and one of what sure looks like the iconic carbon freeze chamber.

Here’s the older shots that the team has released:

There’s a bit more to the letter, including a teaser for the Halloween event – look, it’s September 1st, which means it’s officially Falloween season, deal with it – and a look at the fancy new support ticket system. Check out the whole transmission on the server’s official site.

Source: SWGL

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Shadex De'Marr

Looks like Luclin just joined the Republic.


The emu community never ceases to amaze me – with the restoration of service for a loved world ripped from us, to the creation of new content to keep people going…

I didn’t have a great experience on SWGEmu – but I think I’ll definitely check Legends out! That screenshot on the bridge made my stomach flip haha.

2Ton Gamer

Bree, I’m a LOTRO player and missed out SWG when it was originally out. I see you play this, any old school similarities to LOTRO? What do you like about SWGL?

Bruno Brito

It’s not really alike LOTRO. It’s a sandbox, the leveling experience is actually weak. The biggest draw of SWGL is that is a breathing world you actively wants to be part of. Having a house, being a known crafter, or a competent soldier, etc etc.

2Ton Gamer

Yeah I figured they were pretty different based on that alone.