Star Wars Galaxies Legends finally puts a date on the City in the Clouds expansion: May the fourth


Rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has been teasing its Bespin expansion, called City in the Clouds, for literally years now. It was supposed to launch in early 2021, and you could definitely argue that early 2021 is almost over since we’re already in the second quadrant and fast approaching the middle third. In any case, you won’t have to split any hairs over that, as the player team has announced today that the expansion is launching on May 4th, aka May the Fourth – aka Star Wars day. There’s a new trailer to boot.

Back in January, we toured the in-development expansion map during a brief press event. “This is a massive build that’s as good or better than any of the custom work I’ve seen in other SWG emulators, and this one pays homage to one of the best locations in sci-fi,” we wrote at the time.

Source: SWGL

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I am really happy for this crew. Could you imagine adding your own zone to your favorite MMO? This has to be super rewarding for them.

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Well said.