Star Wars Galaxies Legends will launch Bespin as the City in the Clouds expansion in early 2021

Holy crap.


Star Wars Galaxies rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that it’s put a halt to some of the projects being worked on by the team – but the good news is that it’s only because the player-led team is turning all of its attention to Bespin, the content update it’s been teasing for the last couple of years.

Last week, we learned through a sneaky reveal on YouTuber Napyet’s channel that the Bespin update is actually being treated as a full expansion, and the game’s most recent newsletter has now confirmed it: The expansion is being called The City in the Clouds and will essentially be the game’s fifth expansion – though an unofficial one in a world where other emus for the game very definitely still exist. Launch is slated for “early 2021,” with some sort of preview event in the near future. Attractions include both Cloud City itself as well as the airspace around it.

“[W]e are fully committed to giving The City in the Clouds a dedicated space zone for you to explore! Will you be partying in the clouds onboard luxury space yachts, or blasting each other out of the skies in a sky-trash fashion? The choice will be fully yours. Use caution though, the skies of Bespin have their own unique obstacles to avoid! […] When exploring Bespin you’ll be able to explore your favorite locations which appear in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. All of these iconic point of interests have been replicated as truthfully as possible in reference to the on-screen appearance within the movie production. Many of them will serve along-side the narrative found in the Imperial & Rebel quest-line. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed when you finally explore these truly memorable locations with your friends. Careful with the central catwalk, we don’t want anyone falling off into the abyss of the reactor shaft.”

New pics? You betcha.

And the old pics to round it out:

And hey, Mandalorian and Clone Wars fans… apparently the team has done some work on a model for Ahsoka Tano. “Yes, it is possible that Ahsoka can make an appearance in the future.” Yes please.

One more bit of good news: The team did manage to drop the traditional end-of-the-year patch today, bringing back Life Day 2020 (I’m sorry), adding the memorial for SWGL dev Alan “Irish” Elliott in Tyrena, fixing the Death Watch Bunker, and cleaning up a long list of bugs and other issues. Happy Life Day!


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Bruno Brito

Everytime i play this it just feels so clunky that all my fun goes right by the window.

Man, this game is good but it’s dragged down by some iffy clunkiness.

Cory James Hill

The original game was clunky, especially pre-NGE. It’s old and the interface/movement was never great, but we had a blast in there, so it was ok.


They were rushed and could not make the game have a 3D plane so that’s why it’s in a 2D plane, which results in jumping being an absolutely useless cosmetic. You try to jump over a small rock that’s just higher than your ankles, if they gave it collision, even if you jump well above it, you still collide it and have to walk around it. You climb steep slopes really fast, because the game treats them as part of the ground so not having 3D plane means there is no gravity in place at all.


On paper, SWG should be THE mmo for me, and yet its clunkiness has turned off probably 5-6 times that i’ve tried it.


I could not understand the UI or mechanics in the Basilisk server so I gave up, but last year I decided to force myself to play Legends and it was just like playing WoW. But after 1 year and 200+ hours I got bored out of my head, deleted my character and left. I won’t be coming back, I had my fun with the game and saw what it was about for the most part.


Iffy? xD What’s so iffy about it? LOL It’s old and rushed.

Legends plays like WoW, except at higher levels it gets boring, I managed to reach CL 81 in a span of playing on and off for 1 years and after that I gave up, because it got boring, but that was well over 200+ hours just doing quests, reading stories and having fun. The themepark is the most fun experience I had, sadly it’s short and after that the sandbox starts and you have to start deciding what you want to do after.

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So the next podcast goes something like this:

Bree squeeeeeing about this the entire time while Justin tries to get to the next story.

Justin looks at notes and sees that next story is about City of Heroes.

Justin leaves to get drinks and snacks.

Bree takes a breath. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….


It does look seriously cool and I hope you all have fun when you eventually get your hands on it.