The Daily Grind: What’s your one big MMO gaming wish for 2021?


While it will no doubt continue to be a long and difficult winter, there’s something mentally refreshing in turning the calendar over to a new year. As we continue to wrap up 2020 here at Massively OP with columns, awards, and recaps, we’re also looking ahead to 2021 with tempered optimism. We’d love it to be a better year, especially for gaming.

If you could make one big MMO gaming wish for the new year and have it come true, what would it be? A new expansion for SWTOR? For Corepunk to actually be a sleeper hit? To rekindle your gaming passion with New World? For Burning Crusade Classic to get here already?

Think big, think bold, think… wishfully. After all, you can only make one. That’s the rule!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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K8 D

Less of a wish, more of a resolution: To push myself outside of my comfort zone socially, join more raids, more dungeons, etc.


To make an MMORPG that I can live in and not just some big fancy single player game where I am the savior of all and don’t have to interact with anyone except in an instance. For that matter a game that has as few instances as possible so that you do have to interact with the world. I like many of the comments below.

I can not stress enough a game to live in not just pass through. This means actual risk/reward and no loss of real life time or some gear repair costs/food are not a risk that is just a cost of playing a game I want to have a game that has an older feel.


Since I’ve gotten my 2 big wished for next year realized – that is, COVID 19 vaccination being made available and *rump being removed from office – I have to be very careful how I spend my 3rd. So I’ll decline this for now. And hope some of the wishes stated below me see fruition instead. (For that, please see my pigtailed /upvotes for details below.)


A continuation of EqNext.. Or similar concept. From any company.
That concept being: Virtual world, dynamic world, open-ended, pve focused.
Just something that shows some promise as a mmorpg.

Robert Mann

To see some companies start making a much wider variety of titles, with different interests and elements as the focus, and to see them flatout tell those who whine that the game might not be for them but that other games will be.

For crying out loud, can I get an MMO with NPCs that actually pay attention and respond half as well to characters as Gothic (the original)? It’s been 20 years already…


That companies would stop trying to do something for everyone and dedicate smaller budgets to better targeted games that can get a loyal audience.


To rekindle your gaming passion with New World?

Why? New World is a game that will share same fate as Crucible, there is absolutely no doubt about it. A year, maybe two, and it is gone. Just because some people lack foresight to see why it will happen does not mean it will not ;-)

Anyway, my wish is for some game developers to finally start creating a game which would have everything for everyone – PvE endless dungeons for PvE people to grind (with easily viewable achievement for your character like “I finished floor 457”) solo or in groups with ability for people to custom-build their own smaller scale “endless dungeons” with custom level design and specific enemy NPCs at specific locations and ability to share them with others, optional PvP areas with possibility of large scale PvP with 1000’s of players over permanently capturable territory and permanently destructible buildings/castles/stations and ground/air vehicles with high reliance on crafted items, plenty of social tools for people who are not interested in PvE grinding or PvP combat to interact with each other – announcement boards in game where players can announce upcoming social events and player-performed music system and various mini-games (cards, board games, racing games, pokemon games) and large fully customizable housing areas where you can hold player-run events like large concerts and fashion shows, definitely a large variety of cosmetic outfits with possibility for people to create their own cosmetic items and upload them to developer-monitored ingame cosmetic shop so other players can download them for free or for small fee (players should be able to sell their own cosmetic items in in-game store with portion of fee going to developer and most of the profit going to person who created them) and hopefully a VR support with ability to at least fully animate your character without relying on pre-made character animations. With a modern game engine powerful enough to support large amount of players in same area and provide high enough graphical fidelity to give incentive to people to care about cosmetic items.

A game which would provide enough tools for people to create their own content and keep them interested in such user-created content for many years. I am too tired of playing games where in-game world’s population briefly spikes up during “yet another PvE expansion release” then seeing most players stopping logging in a couple of months after new expansion release until the next expansion.


A new MMO that I actually want to play.

It’s been 7+ years now without anything that can hold my attention for more than a few days. Action combat has been the main factor driving me away from the genre, can’t stand that shallow rubbish. Beyond that, western developers largely pulling out of the market has been a big factor, whilst I appreciate there are plenty of eastern MMOs releasing, I just don’t like the aesthetics.

If I can’t get one that I actually want to play, I’ll settle for any MMOs (and I mean real massively multiplayer games and not just online RPGs) releasing that are a success, anything that can invigorate the market and encourage other devs to give MMOs a go. There is so much potential in the genre that has barely been touched.


City of Heroes / Homecoming will get official sign off from NCSoft. :)


World of Darkness. I know, I know…doomed to disappointment. :D


I love Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption the most and it came boxed with a booklet of lore on all cabals which was quite detailed. Unfortunately CCP did nothing with the IP till it sold it