Travel to Bespin in one Star Wars Galaxies emulator… eventually


One of the things I always wish SOE had done more of with Star Wars Galaxies was add planets. Yes, it added Kashyyyk and Mustafar in expansions, eventually, but they were always more like gated themeparks than like the big open spaces classic players were used to.

Emulators, love ’em or hate ’em, have done much more to develop the worlds of Star Wars. For example, I poked my head into one called Stardust a few weeks ago, and it’s added multiple new planets, including Chandrila and Nal Hutta. Not that I could afford to travel there!

It looks like Bespin – yes, home of Cloud City – is on the way to one of the NGE-flavored emus now. As part of its development roadmap, Star Wars Galaxies Legends staff said that a long-term goal for the game is to add the planet with all-new graphics, new quests, new collections, new badges, and “iconic characters” whom you can befriend or alienate. E chu ta.

That’s long-term, though, off in the future with items like guild space stations, new starships, and new Jedi content. In the short-term, the team is working on a new world boss, third anniversary goodies, a major overhaul of the player city system, hardmode instances, and everyone’s favorite, an update to the Ewok Festival of Love aka SWG’s Valentine’s Day event. Did I say favorite? I meant the most horrifying MMO event of all time.

Source: SWGL
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