Happy Star Wars Day! SWG Legends has launched the Bespin expansion, SWG Restoration 3 will launch May 28


If you’re on social media, it’s impossible to miss right now that May the Fourth is happening for Star Wars fans everywhere – and that includes in Star Wars MMOs. We’ve already covered the free droid promo in SWTOR, so we thought we’d point out the fun in Star Wars Galaxies right now too.

Probably most notably is the launch of the City in the Clouds expansion for rogue server SWG Legends, which technically went live late last night. Fans of SWG emulators surely already know that the Legends crew has been working on the Bespin content for literally years (3.5 years, the dev post says), but now it’s here and free for everyone to visit.

“Explore the iconic locations across Cloud City (along with the many instanced areas within), meet many new and familiar faces, and truly immerse yourself in this brand new chapter here on SWG:Legends with an all new space zone, many returning items you may recognize from the TCG and much more completely new and exclusive new armor, wearables, and decor created by our incredible Design Team. With a true Cloud City cache of loot for you to get out there and acquire, the sky is the limit on Bespin.”

Players should definitely check out the blog; while anyone can travel to and explore Bespin, the core questline is accessible only to players who’ve gone through the Hoth heroic instance, so that may make that part rough for characters that aren’t into endgame combat. The devs have also placed restrictions on droid barking and afk play (including buffing). And of course, there’s a double XP event running through Monday.

And SWG Legends isn’t even the only SWG rogue server with big news right now: The SWG Restoration 3 server is prepping for its formal launch on May 28th, with special beta events in the lead-up to the release. As we’ve noted, this server is a hybrid ruleset that includes a new Jedi unlock system and server progression plans.

“After months of testing our open beta, the Restoration 3 team is ready to welcome you and all other fans back to once again experience the best Star Wars story ever told, yours. On May 28, whether you plan on grouping up to take on the massive Krayt dragons of Tatooine, setting up a crafting empire on the rolling orange hills of Corellia, or plunging yourself deep into the Galactic Civil War – we are proud to present that Star Wars Galaxies is back, with all the greatest elements from each era of the game present and ready for you to explore.”


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I’ve never played SWG but wanted to give it a go after hearing so many great things about it over the years, being compared to top MMO titles and that it’s still considered a pinnacle in MMO genre in regards to quality mechanics and depth, even nearly 20 years later.

A friend has been following the Restoration project and says, “You’ve heard all these great things about SWG. There is no better time to get into with the launch of the highly anticipated conversion.”

Not sure if I’ll be there on launch day but I will keep a close eye on it. Join in if the population count remains steady.

Ardra Diva

we view it with rose-colored glasses. The game people say they loved so much was routinely blasted for being buggy and having broken quests during its heyday. When the NGE came out and ruined the game for a large number of people (like Entertainers), the popular cry was, “you couldn’t fix it, so you changed it.” The vitriol from the community about bugs in the game was savage. I remember it well.

What I appreciated about it was details you didn’t find in other MMOs of its time – things like your avatar automatically emoting based upon keywords in your text, so if you typed lol in your chat box your character automatically chuckled, things that made your avatar seem more “alive” than in other games.

Battle Fatigue was a genius feature because it forced socialization, which I’m calling a good thing in an MMO. Only Entertainers could heal it, and it took a few minutes. Battle Fatigue was incurred during combat and slowly decreased your maximum hit points. So warriors had to chill for a few mins (maybe 5) in a cantina where dancers and musicians were there performing, which healed their battle fatigue. But that meant they had to stop for a minute, and people chatted, a warrior might take a fancy to a dancer there and a little romance could blossom, etc., it was a great way to make people socialize for a reason and purpose.

But the NGE ended battle fatigue and the cantinas were empty overnight. And Entertainers were capped at combat level 1, whereas they previously could invest skill points in combat skills as well as Entertainer skills. So the NGE completely invalidated a class of character and made them useless.

“How could this happen?”
“With the stroke of a pen, sir.”

Cory James Hill

We loved the game despite its many problems and quirks, and that’s a testament to the fact that PLAYERS were 90% of the content and the game itself was setting and tools to facilitate players making their slice of the game their own.

I was VERY vocal about the problems the game had while it was in its prime and it’s also the only MMO I consistently played for years, nearly every day. I haven’t found an MMO home since that made me want to login as often as possible and live a virtual life in.

Having said that, the game hasn’t aged very well and the community, while decent, is only a shadow of what it once was as far as numbers and quality of in-game community. I still dabble in it from time to time, but I always just end up wishing someone would make a modern game with similar ideals.


ouf! R3 sounds exactly like my kind of beef!

market on legends is so saturated, it’s not fun to start as a new crafter, since you’re competing with all capped out crafters.
your stuff is never being bought if it’s not high end anymore.


Combat upgrade with JTL is my dream SWG server.

I’ve got the client downloaded and tweaked to look half decent, and then I spent the evening mucking around with the skill calculator built into the launcher.

The whole thing looks very well done, be interested to see how it handles a packed server – roll on the 28th!


additionally lots of afk measures and only 2 characters per account / person.

i hope there will be enough people in there!

see you on the 28th :] !

Ardra Diva

make that pre-NGE and I would agree with you


It is pre NGE! The combat upgrade was designed to fix the various issues with the original skill tree, and it seemed to be doing a good job when suddenly we all got NGE’d.

This is the Restoration 3 rollout we’re looking at now, not SWG Legends.

Holden Nagata

love that they’re adding new things to SWG but I can’t decide on how to start let alone what class, so I’ll compromise by watching streams of the Bespin quests