World of Warcraft: Classic details major arena rating changes for The Burning Crusade

We should really have prepared.

At this year’s online BlizzCon offering, the WoW Classic developers joked that they were moving on from hashtag-no-changes to hashtag-some-changes. It now appears that perhaps they should have gone to hashtag-actually-quite-a-large-number-of-changes-especially-to-PvP-rankings, which doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely but does accurately describe the massive overhaul to how rankings will work in The Burning Crusade when arenas go live. The matchmaking rating calculations will be overhauled to use a newer system than was in place during the original TBC, with all teams starting at a 0 rating instead of the 1500 they started at during the original expansion.

In addition to these changes, a consistent personal rating is required for equipping seasonally current gear ranging from 2200 for shoulders down to 1550 for legs. Arena point gear costs will also remain consistent between seasons, with Season 1 offering a unique title this time for the highest 0.1% of teams. Check out the full rundown for an idea of all the changes being made to how the ratings and rankings will work; it’s a pretty big departure from the original.


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I totally did not know there was an Arena PvP in Burning Crusade. Not in the game but on a totally different server where you could pick your own gear.


Seems like they went back on this:

Blizzard Clarifies PvP Gear Arena Rating Requirements