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Worlds Adrift’s free Island Creator tool has launched on Steam

One of the hooks of Worlds Adrift is that players can make their own worlds — and with Bossa Studios’ new Island Creator, you can get started doing just that. Today.

The studio believes that its Island Creator, downloadable freely from Steam, marks “the first time a game has allowed the player community to have such a profound impact on a persistent, shared universe,” though we’re pretty sure you’ll be down in the comments in 20 seconds proposing examples that at least come close.

“At the start, there will be more procedurally generated islands, but through the Island Creator we’ll definitely be including islands created by the community, even before the game is launched,” says Bossa. “Our plan is to add new islands submitted by the community every month, so we expect the balance to soon grow in the favour of the community. We released the tool exactly for this reason.”

Check out the official video guide to the new tool below.

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Aeria Games announces anime-styled Twin Saga for later this year

There is not exactly a dearth of games boasting an anime style in the MMORPG market at the moment. Even if that’s not enough to keep your attention when it comes to Twin Saga, though, you still might be interested in the game’s other features, like mobile personal housing and freely swappable classes for all characters. The game is due out later this year for North American and European players.

If you don’t like housing or class swapping – perhaps your grandmother died in a tragic class-changing accident – you still might be intrigued by the game’s lore background, with players serving as the last hope for humanity after a war of deities. One goddess wanted human beings around, the other didn’t, and the former goddess lost the fight, so now it’s up to you to prove to that human beings are worthwhile. Or you could jump down below and see if the screenshots or trailer intrigue you. Keep your eyes peeled for beta dates if any of the above apply.

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Chronicles of Elyria demos character physique and aging

Wanna spend your morning watching a dude walking around? OK, I’m only half teasing. Chronicles of Elyria has released a tech demo video showing off its male characters’ body dynamics and aging. Watch closely: The character is slowly morphing in physique and age as he moves, demonstrating the range of customization in the game (as well as how you’ll look as your character grows up, which is an actual core convention of the game).

Keep an eye out next week; CoE’s Kickstarter is slated to begin Tuesday.

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The Stream Team: Path of Exile’s third act is a charm

Act III contains Path of Exile’s last three Ascendancy trials, and MassivelyOP’s MJ has finally found each one. Now she must face them and emerge victorious to be granted the privilege of entering the Labyrinth. She has conquered the previous three, but that’s no guarantee that she can master these next once; each one seems a bit more difficult than the last. Tune in live at 7:00 p.m. as MJ faces these final tests.

What: Path of Exile
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

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Albion Online’s Heretics will poach you for your skull if you’re not careful

One of the first groups of PvE enemies that Albion Online adventurers will encounter in the game is the Heretic faction. This is an assortment of outlaws who have banded together to take out weaker prey. The question is, will you prove to be that prey or a predator in disguise?

“The Heretics are what’s left of the first expedition to Albion,” the narrator of a new lore video explains. “Criminal scum in the old world that was sent to explore the magical isles. Now, broken and driven into madness by the unforgiving land and its inhabitants, they are plundering and poaching on the edges of Albion.”

You can meet the Heretics — if you dare! — after the jump.

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Trove launches Mantle of Power, plans week of bonus login rewards

Trove’s Mantle of Power is now live for all players, bringing with it an increased level cap of 30, new empowered gems, and new stellar gear. Massively OP’s Justin Olivetti previewed the expansion last week, finding it geared for high-level characters:

“Trion Worlds told us that the expansion was designed in response to the players who had already ‘beaten’ Trove to an extent. Without the freedom to completely change the rules and mix things up as the devs could during the beta period, they found that the logical conclusion was to add more challenge on top of the foundation that had been laid since launch.”

Players who log in beginning tomorrow through Monday will be granted special bonus gifts, including a Starry Shmeep mount, which sounds completely worth it.

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Black Desert: Business model research, Daum addresses hacking complaints

Red Fox Insights analyst Jake Parmley has a piece on Gamasutra today about Black Desert’s business model that confirms what you might already suspect: People invested enough in the game to buy Daum Cash also recommend the game to their friends, at least according to the results of 230 self-reported surveys of a relatively young and almost entirely male gamer population.

“Just under 20% of our surveyed gamers have purchased Daum Cash. However, this group has proven a powerful promotional tool. Of players that purchase optional vanity and convenience (booster) items in game on top of their entry package, 50% are very likely to recommend BDO to a friend, compared to 38.61% of the sample population. The Red Fox Insights research reveals players purchasing Daum Cash on top of starter packs are very likely to champion Black Desert. These ‘champions’ – or players who promote and actively support the game – have remarkable effects on community growth and involvement.”

Parmley questions criticism over the price of items in the cash shop, wondering whether buyables are appropriately priced to target whales — he’s calling them “committed players comfortable with making purchases” — or should be lowered to incentivize more people to buy in and therefore increase the pool of “champions” and activists for the game. It is not clear whether shoppers become influencers (and why) or influencers become shoppers, but either way, Daum gets paid.

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Master x Master details the game’s tag system

No matter how many different characters you have unlocked in a given MOBA, you’re usually stuck bringing just one of them into battle with you. Master x Master, by contrast, does not share that restriction. It actively rejects it, even; you need to bring two separate masters into battle as part of the game’s tag system. If you’re in the middle of a match and you need another character, you just tag one out and tag the other in.

Some enemies in PvE encounters might be vulnerable to one character and not another, some PvP matches might require more diversity, and sometimes you might just want to swap masters to avoid death. The game lets you pick out your personal team configuration to handle any and all of the above. You can check out a trailer explaining the game as a whole just below, or you can take a gander at our hands-on from yesterday as well.

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Eternal Crusade welcomes Unreal Engine 4.11 and shares mo-cap sessions

The next Eternal Crusade patch is preparing to change the game from the inside-out, as the title will upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.11. This should allow for much better performance of the gritty sci-fi title: “We’re hoping its massive focus on optimizations and performance done for their own game also benefits us greatly, so we expect great success.”

The incoming patch, which is coming in about a week, will also contain more defined rules for matchmaking, a new PvP map called Maggon, improvement to chat, and various bug fixes.

And because watching grown adults running around in skintight suits with balls attached is always a source of interest and amusement, we’ve got a pair of motion capture sessions for Eternal Crusade after the jump!

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Gameforge confirms western plans for SoulWorker Online

Last week’s rumors are now locked in and official: SoulWorker Online is definitely coming westward thanks to a cooperative partnership between Gameforge and Korea’s Lion Games.

“Fans of Japanese Animes and action MMORPG lovers alike can look forward to a cinematic gameplay experience in SoulWorker, which makes full use of the HAVOK Vision Engine+. An extraordinary cinema visualisation is created with an exciting background story, detailed cel-shading animations, cutscenes and NPC dialogues set to music, making Anime fans feel at home from the very first moment. Fresh classes such as the ‘Howling Guitar’, which has a magical guitar for surface area attacks and healing effects as a weapon, feel familiar for the genre while escaping popular clichés as players fight against the threats coming from another dimension.”

No release timeframe has been announced.

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Survival sandbox Fragmented launches in early access

Out of the wreckage that was The Repopulation’s 2015 has arisen a champion to help sustain interest in the project and serve as a prologue of sorts for the developing MMO: Fragmented. Above and Beyond Technologies announced yesterday that the multiplayer survival sandbox has officially launched on Steam early access.

This early access release was paired with a Day One patch that included changes to housing, PvP, and trade skills. Former owners of The Repopulation received a copy of Fragmented for free earlier this week, while any other interested parties will need to buy it to see what it offers. The game is currently 25% off on its Steam page.

Fragmented offers many modes and rulesets from which to choose, including PvP, PvE, online, offline, casual, and hardcore. Players can choose to host their own servers if so desired and tweak the game’s rules to desired levels.

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City of Heroes fans mark 12th anniversary in Paragon Chat and Champions Online

Twelve years ago, heroes answered the call to defend Paragon City against aliens, bandits, and nefarious sewer zombies. City of Heroes launched on April 27th, 2004, ushering in a new type of MMO that embraced the superhero lifestyle. And though City of Heroes was closed down by NCsoft in 2012, fans still congregate around its birthday to hold a vigil for this once-great MMO. This year, the folks at Titan Network are holding a birthday celebration in the Paragon Chat application on Thursday, April 28th from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT.

The event has grown in scope considerably in the last few weeks since we first reported on it; participants will take part in multiple costume contests, a trivia contest, a treasure hunt, group photos, and rumors of special developer guests. Various DJ personalities have already signed up to get music blasting during the day too.

To attend, you’ll need access to Paragon Chat. It helps if you still have the old client, but there are ways around that too. What if you haven’t got Paragon Chat or can’t get it to work? You could attend the simultaneously meetup inside Champions Online, hosted by Paragon Dawn — head to the globe statue in Millennium City Hall to hang out beginning at 6 p.m. EDT on Thursday.

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TERA unveils Secrets and Shadows update raid and dungeon

When TERA’s Secrets and Shadows update launches next month, two new dungeons will be available for players. There’s the 7-player, level 65 raid dungeon, Demokron Factory:

“The archdevans’ secret production facility is a horrifying factory filled with pain and hideous secrets. Players will be challenged by two unstoppable killing machines, a masterless giant crab, and Verno, a former researcher who has been transformed into a mindless, twisted monstrosity.”

And the Shadow Sanctuary, a 5-man, level 65 dungeon:

“Dakuryon is back, and his secret base is a gruesome nightmare of blood-magicked madness. Players must defeat an abomination sculpted from living rock and infused with energy stolen from the Dream before facing their least-favorite archdevan. But be warned: Dakuryon wants nothing less than the total destruction of the Valkyon Federation and all it stands for.”

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