Star Citizen swaps Around the Verse for Inside Star Citizen as it deep dives its own Cloud City


Around the Verse is back this week for Star Citizen fans, although it’s gotten a bit of an overhaul: It’s now called Inside Star Citizen and seems to be fully replacing the old program.

The episode is broken down into several segments bookended by Disco Lando – yep, the studio newscast format is gone – including one on the GPU particle lighting system (which sounded to me like pew pew lighting system, so that’s how my brain now thinks of it), the Vanguard, and the FPS distribution tool. There’s even a quick check-in with Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts toward the end.

My favorite, however, is the tease for Orison, the first landing zone on Crusader. It’s Cloud City, folks, and we’re not mad about it. These could legit be Ralph McQuarrie paintings.

MOP reader DK (check his work out on YouTube here!) graciously sent us a ton of new pics and videos (some from him, some from other folks) to embed here and help our readers get a good feel for what the basic starter default loadout is capable of in some of the newer areas and combat missions.

Source: Inside Star Citizen, DK’s YouTube. Thanks so much, DK!
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