Nielsen is closing down SuperData and its monthly gaming revenue peeks

I think I might have been the only person on the planet who noticed that March had slipped by without a monthly report on...
Not riding a dinosaur.

Fun fact: Google search trends don’t tell you bupkis about MMO popularity

You know what the surest sign of an MMO's popularity is? Whether or not World of Warcraft fans are defensive about its popularity. That apparently...
There has to be money here somewhere.

SuperData CEO discusses the money problem of e-sports

Whether you're a big fan of the e-sports scene or you would be quite happy never hearing about it ever again, you are no...
Well, it does have bears, that's good.

The Elder Scrolls Online takes a closer look at the Morrowind trailer

The obvious response to the latest trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online is to find the nearest person working on the game and request...
Still not cool, though.

Blizzard clarifies World of Warcraft quests that can’t be cleared in LFR

The World of Warcraft community was in a bit of a tizzy yesterday when it collectively discovered that you couldn't complete a quest chain...
We were the kings and queens of promise.

Superdata’s July 2016 data show Guild Wars 2 surging, Pokemon Go on top

Superdata's July report on online gaming revenues is in, and there are some predictable bits and some surprises. On the P2P MMO front, the...

Industry analysts react to Oculus Rift’s $600 price tag

What was your reaction when you found out that to hop on board the Oculus Rift train, you were going to need to drop...

Gaming industry reports identify leading studios and online trends

Details strewn within a trio of industry reports offer clues as to the health and direction of online gaming in 2015. First up is a...
If your answer about how to play is to just wait for a while, I don't think we'll be friends.

Player analyst believes EVE Online concurrency is at its lowest point since 2008

It's really difficult to be sure about how EVE Online is doing, since CCP Games has stopped releasing subscription numbers on a regular basis....
Making you not concerned with the other person's expenditures on the game would actually be novel for physical card games, too.

How Hearthstone challenges mobile free-to-play assumptions

Hearthstone is a successful title on phones and tablets. It's successful all around. And yet if you look within the field of mobile free-to-play...