Player analyst believes EVE Online concurrency is at its lowest point since 2008

If your answer about how to play is to just wait for a while, I don't think we'll be friends.

It’s really difficult to be sure about how EVE Online is doing, since CCP Games has stopped releasing subscription numbers on a regular basis. But there are still statistics available, albeit ones that are often presented in such a way as to obscure understanding by the average player. Former CSM member Jestertrek took it upon himself to analyze and present that data in a straightforward and comprehensible form, which leads to a stark and obvious display that the game’s player concurrency is currently at a seven-year low.

Jestertrek has posted several different graphs along with a supplementary post to explain what other peaks and valleys represent, and while he admits freely that the analysis is not perfect, it’s as official as you can get without an actual announcement from CCP. He also goes on to state that none of this means that the game is dying, simply that its entrenched base is shrinking and new arrivals are becoming less common. Whether you’re an EVE player or just a fascinated onlooker, it’s worth checking out the full post.

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