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Chaos Theory is a Secret World column by MJ Guthrie. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legend’s third anniversary and the 2020 MEGAversary event

Another year has come and gone. (Though we might be glad this one's over.) Secret World Legends, the reboot of the beloved

Chaos Theory: Guide to love and heartbreak in Secret World Legends’ latest event

If I made a New Year's wish upon a falling star, it wouldn't be far-fetched to think getting new content in Secret World...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legends celebrates its second birthday

It's a surprise party and you're invited! Secret World Legends has made it to its second birthday. This rebooted version of our favorite...

Chaos Theory: Secret World is getting new story content, but it’s not in Secret World Legends

That feeling when something is so close yet misses the mark -- in a painful, how-on-earth-can-you-miss-that-giant-glowing-target way. The good news is that a Secret...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legends has a Krampusnacht content gift – here’s your guide

Whoot! Secret World Legends delivered a nice surprise gift for Krampusnacht 2018: new content! As in, new new, not returning-from-TSW new. Not just...

Chaos Theory: A guide to Secret World Legend’s Samhain 2018 community events

If you thought that all Samhain had to offer was official Secret World Legends missions and events, you'd be mistaken. A-machete-through-the-skull sorely mistaken....

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legend’s 2018 Samhain is music to my ears

It's the most wonderful time of the year With radios playing and ghost that are slaying the ones who come near It's the most wonderful time of...

Chaos Theory: The prickly side of Secret World Legends’ less-than-ideal scenario situation

See, I said that wouldn't take too long! Here we are back at the Secret World Legends scenario discussion. This time, however, we'll be...

Chaos Theory: The rosy side of the Secret World Legends’ less-than-ideal scenario situation

Do you know that feeling of anticipation? That's what I'd felt when I was given the heads-up at DragonCon that Secret World...

Chaos Theory: A year in the life of Secret World Legends

We've talked all about Secret World Legends' first anniversary party, but now it's time to talk about the game's first year. Fans can...

Chaos Theory: A guide to Secret World Legend’s first MEGAversary

Next week marks one year down for Secret World Legends, but the party has already started! From June 20th through July 17th, 2018,...

Chaos Theory: A changing of the guard in the Secret World Legends

As a fan of the wonderful world that Secret World brought us, do you cringe or grin with excitement when Secret World Legends...

Chaos Theory: Rushing Secret World Legends’ main story mission is a bad idea

If there is one thing this past week has emphasized to me, it's that powering through just the main story missions of Secret...

A sneak peek of South Africa in Secret World Legends’ Season 2

The things I do for you! You know that story is everything to me, and in order to bring you more information, I allowed...

Chaos Theory: A guide for Secret World Legends’ new agent network

Admit it: Ever since your faction handler in Secret World Legends started sending you off on jobs, you've wanted your own underlings to...

Chaos Theory: Do you need to sub to enjoy Secret World Legends?

A question I am asked quite a bit about free-to-play games is whether or not one needs to sub to really play. It is...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legends 2018 – new year, new game, new goals

What does Secret World Legends have in store for 2018? For the world, or for me? Either answer includes Season 2 of the...

Chaos Theory: 2017 was a big year for the Secret World IP

Well, 2017 was interesting. It's not often that your favorite game starts off as one game at the beginning of the year and then...

Chaos Theory: Guide to Secret World Legends’ first Krampusnacht

While many games go festive for the holiday season, no one does it quite like Secret World Legends. Cutesy doesn't quite fit here,...

Chaos Theory: Exploring Secret World Legend’s anima allocation and other QoL improvements

Remember that big quality-of-life update that Secret World Legends launched mid-November? Chances are your quality of SWL life did indeed improve with...