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Path of Exile’s Delve launches August 31 with an infinite dungeon; here’s our chat with Grinding Gear’s Chris Wilson!

Picture this: an underground dungeon that gets progressively more challenging — and rewarding — the deeper you go, and there is no end. Not no end in sight, but no end. An infinite dungeon. Does this sound like a dream come true to you? Well go ahead and smile because Path of Exile is delivering just that on August 31st (unless you play on Xbox One, then you have to wait until September 3rd). The next league is aptly called Delve, and its all about descending into a never-ending mine shaft, reaping rewards while staving off the dangers in the darkness — with the darkness itself being one of those dangers!

While that info alone might be enough to keep you entertained for a bit, we know you want more. So I had a little chat with Producer Chris Wilson to learn more about this intriguing idea with its new mechanics and features to pass it all on to you. And who knows? This might be just the beginning: Wilson called this “Path of Exile’s first infinite dungeon,” which would lend you to believe that more numbers could follow.

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Change history in Path of Exile’s Incursion League starting June 1st

If, like me, you are still quite disappointed from the announcement that the beloved Bestiary League won’t be included in the core of Path of Exile, perhaps Grinding Gear Games can interest you in the game’s next league? Opening its doors on June 1st, Incursion continues the studio’s tradition of offering new content every three months. But it’s more than just a league: Incursion has all the trappings of an expansion.

What is Incursion? Producer Chris Wilson and I sat down to discuss the ins and outs of this next step forward for PoE, which in actuality is a step back — in time. While I may not be able to go back in time to quell those hopes of keeping my bestiary, Incursion will have me going back to manipulate my access to an ancient Vaal temple so I can return and loot it for treasure in the present. Wilson described the league as having two layers: one’s a place where you go and kill monsters in every room in a timed trial like Breach, and the other’s a deeply strategic temple building for a customized zone experience.

After we explored the new content, Wilson made the vision clear. “Our philosophy with Path of Exile releases: The two important things to do are to add compelling new content for people to play and compelling new ways for the players to play it.” With every new league I wonder if GGG can hit that mark, and every time I chat with Wilson I think, By Jove, I think they’ve got it! Read more

Path of Exile: Gotta catch ’em all in the new Bestiary League and update 3.2.0, coming March 2

With a new Path of Exile challenge league every three months, you might wonder whether Grinding Gear Games can keep coming up with new themes for each one. And each quarter, it does! We’ve had leagues where prophecies add a random element to the gaming, where powerful rogue exiles turn on players, where secret golden chests full of loot are uncovered, and where portals open to a different dimension — just to name a few. The current league includes gaping fissures into the abyss. So what’s coming next?

For that answer, I sat down with Producer Chris Wilson to talk about PoE’s next update, which hits on March 2nd. If you’ve ever looked at any of the creatures in game and wished you could have have one of your own, the Bestiary league will give you that chance. Color me super excited! And if collecting creatures isn’t your forte, there is plenty more happening in content update 3.2.0. Read on for the whole run-down!

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The MOP Up: Battlerite’s magnificent magician (January 21, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from WakfuFortniteAstroneerOld School RuneScapeOverwatchPokemon GoLineage 2 RevolutionPUBGDefianceBattlerite, and Path of Exile, all waiting for you after the break!

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Preview: Path of Exile reveals The Fall of Oriath

Path of Exile fans, today is the big day: Grinding Gear Games is officially unveiling your next expansion, dubbed The Fall of Oriath.

It turns out that the place your Exile called home before being banished is not only the main setting of this act but is going through some rough times. Even lowbies like yours truly who vaguely recall their origin story can get behind this act. We’re going home, dealing with civil unrest, and welcoming back some lost deities with sharp pointy objects or finger-wiggling destruction. And that’s literally just the beginning.

Read on for our preview of the expansion from last week’s press event, plus brand-new screenshots and the new trailer!

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Enter the Breach in Path of Exiles’ next league, launching December 2

If you’ve ever wanted to call out “Once more unto the Breach!” as a battle cry, Path of Exile offers you just that chance starting on December 2nd at 3:00 p.m. EST. That’s when Breach, the Atlas of Worlds mid-expansion challenge league, launches. And this three-month league is literally all about finding and entering short-lived breaches in reality, furiously fighting enemies for new goodies before the brief window of opportunity closes.

What exactly will players face when they enter a breach? What rewards will they emerge with? And what other changes are in store for the rest of Path of Exile in patch 2.5.0? Producer Chris Wilson shared these details with us, and we’re sharing them (and the images and trailer) with you. Read on!

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David Brevik becomes Path of Exile advisor

While some people were clinging to rumors that David Brevik was returning to the Diablo franchise that originally made him famous, the truth is that the man and his magnificent beard have made the journey to a different ARPG altogether: Path of Exile. His main task, it seems, is to assist with the upcoming launch of the game in China.

“Yes, David is an advisor for our Chinese Path of Exile launch. He’s working with us and Tencent,” confirmed Grinding Gear Games Lead Developer Chris Wilson on Reddit.

This news puts in context a somewhat cryptic tweet that Brevik sent out a few days ago: “For 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved & surprised us. I’m proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes this genre to new heights.”

Source: Path of Exile, Reddit. Thanks MMOnerd!


Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion launches September 2

It’s nearly that time again — time for the next Path of Exile expansion! Few games can boast an expansion schedule that runs like clockwork, but PoE does so with new leagues every three months and expansions every six. Because of that, players already knew approximately that the next expansion and league would start sometime around September. Now we have an exact date: September 2nd. And we also now have the details of both!

I sat down with Producer Chris Wilson to learn all about this next expansion, dubbed Atlas of Worlds. The main crux of the expansion is adding to the maps at end game, both in number and in story elements. And the next league, which debuts on the same day of the expansion, is called Essence league. Here, you can get the details on both.

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See your future in Path of Exile’s Prophecy mini-expansion on June 3rd

I see something coming in the future… something that will be of interest to Path of Exile fans. And it will arrive on June 3rd. It’s the big mid-expansion update! Called Path of Exile: Prophecy, this big content release and beginning of the next challenge league launches in two weeks. As the name might suggest, Prophecy has a fortune-telling theme to it, brought to life with new mechanics, new items, and a new NPC. I gazed into my powerful crystal ball, calling upon all of my future-reading abilities (read: sat down with Producer Chris Wilson) to learn about what Wilson called a “mini-expansion” companion to Ascendancy. See what your future holds in Prophecy!
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Exclusive: Path of Exile’s Chieftain Ascendancy class is on fire

Are you ready to enter the labyrinth? Last November we learned all about Path of Exile’s unique gameplay experience that will opens its doors in the next expansion, Ascendancy. Since that time, we’ve slowly learned about many of the 19 specialization classes that will also be introduced when the expansion launches in two weeks. Today, Grinding Gear Games’ Producer Chris Wilson shared with Massively OP the details of the 18th Ascendancy class: the Chieftain. What’s so special about this class? If you are a Marauder and you really, really like playing with fire, it’s tailor-made just for you. More than that, it’s the class that is specifically built to use the new totem skill.
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Face the Lord’s Labyrinth in Path of Exile’s next expansion: Ascendancy

Earlier this month, Grinding Gear Games teased Path of Exile players with an announcement of an upcoming expansion announcement. Well folks, today’s the day! I sat down with Producer Chris Wilson to learn the juicy details about what is coming to the AORPG in early 2016. And what I saw has me pretty excited. I admit, last time I previewed an expansion with Wilson, I was left a bit intimidated; those passive skill tree modifications in Act IV made an already deep system mind blowing. This time, however, all I feel is an eagerness to jump in and experience the content.

Dubbed Ascendancy, this expansion focuses on an ever-changing labyrinth that players can delve into, full of puzzles, traps, and sometimes even secret rooms. There are three new skill specializations for each class, and a new type of enchantment to add to gear. Unlike The Awakening, Ascension is not a continuation of story and content at the end of the game; it isn’t Act V (which will be coming later). Instead, it is designed for everyone to participate in. Here’s the scoop.

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An exclusive chat with Path of Exile’s Chris Wilson

Massively: We’re here with Path of Exile Producer Chris Wilson to talk about the state and future of this ARPG. Thanks for joining us Chris! So, how is Path of Exile doing lately?

Chris Wilson: Really well. We’re five weeks into the closed beta of our largest expansion ever: The Awakening. We’ll be releasing it in early June, and it’s a big game changer for Path of Exile. In addition to the huge amount of Act Four content, we’ve also introduced a socketable passive skill tree that can be customised by craftable jewels. This expansion also introduces our newly rewritten networking code, which improves the experience for a lot of users.

In other news, we recently launched Path of Exile in Russia and various other CIS countries with the help of Garena Online.

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Previewing Path of Exile’s mind-blowing Act IV

If you thought Path of Exile’s previous three content updates would be hard acts to follow, you clearly haven’t heard enough about the upcoming Act IV The Awakening. Slated for a June release, this expansion makes such a huge impact on the game that it will have its own closed beta test! Along with additional story, new mobs and legendary bosses, brand-new areas, powerful new skills, and plenty of unique gear, Act IV includes a slew of user interface improvements, a complete rebalancing of the core game, and what may be the most shocking announcement for players of this popular OARPG: a modifiable passive tree. On top of that, PoE will launch internationally with localization for Chinese, Russian, and Thai players.

Oh yes, Act IV will be the hard act to follow.

With such major changes coming, we beamed in for a remote press demo hosted by Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson, who is both producer and lead designer for PoE, to get the details on what players can expect once those closed beta doors open on April 20th.

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