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Path of Exile boss tells NFTs to ‘f*ck off’ as the Endless Heist event gets underway

Given the number of games and games companies investigating or outright applying NFTs, crypto, and blockchain schemes seeming to grow by the minute, many...

Path of Exile’s battle royale mode returns for weekend fun

Do you miss Path of Exile's 2018 April Fools' joke battle royale mode made real? Or did you miss out on it completely as...

Path of Exile’s Expedition league sets off next week

The show's over, folks, but the journey has just begun! Grinding Gear Games just concluded its reveal livestream for Path of Exile's 3.15 expansion...

Wandering Wraeclast: Discover Delirium when Path of Exile’s new league launches March 13

There are certain things you can count on in life, things to set your clocks by. One of those is my quarterly chat with...
There's some vintage updates here, you know.

Path of Exile’s Delve launches August 31 with an infinite dungeon; here’s our chat with Grinding Gear’s Chris Wilson!

Picture this: an underground dungeon that gets progressively more challenging -- and rewarding -- the deeper you go, and there is no end. Not...
Please be a spell, then.

Change history in Path of Exile’s Incursion League starting June 1st

If, like me, you are still quite disappointed from the announcement that the beloved Bestiary League won't be included in the core of Path...

Path of Exile: Gotta catch ’em all in the new Bestiary League and update 3.2.0, coming March 2

With a new Path of Exile challenge league every three months, you might wonder whether Grinding Gear Games can keep coming up with new themes...

The MOP Up: Battlerite’s magnificent magician (January 21, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Preview: Path of Exile reveals The Fall of Oriath

Path of Exile fans, today is the big day: Grinding Gear Games is officially unveiling your next expansion, dubbed The Fall of Oriath. It turns out that the...

Enter the Breach in Path of Exiles’ next league, launching December 2

If you've ever wanted to call out "Once more unto the Breach!" as a battle cry, Path of Exile offers you just that chance...

David Brevik becomes Path of Exile advisor

While some people were clinging to rumors that David Brevik was returning to the Diablo franchise that originally made him famous, the truth is...
THE POWER (you've got it)

Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion launches September 2

It's nearly that time again -- time for the next Path of Exile expansion! Few games can boast an expansion schedule that runs like...

See your future in Path of Exile’s Prophecy mini-expansion on June 3rd

I see something coming in the future... something that will be of interest to Path of Exile fans. And it will arrive on June...

Exclusive: Path of Exile’s Chieftain Ascendancy class is on fire

Are you ready to enter the labyrinth? Last November we learned all about Path of Exile's unique gameplay experience that will opens its doors...

Face the Lord’s Labyrinth in Path of Exile’s next expansion: Ascendancy

Earlier this month, Grinding Gear Games teased Path of Exile players with an announcement of an upcoming expansion announcement. Well folks, today's the day!...

An exclusive chat with Path of Exile’s Chris Wilson

Massively: We're here with Path of Exile Producer Chris Wilson to talk about the state and future of this ARPG. Thanks for joining us...

Previewing Path of Exile’s mind-blowing Act IV

If you thought Path of Exile's previous three content updates would be hard acts to follow, you clearly haven't heard enough about the upcoming...