Path of Exile boss tells NFTs to ‘f*ck off’ as the Endless Heist event gets underway


Given the number of games and games companies investigating or outright applying NFTs, crypto, and blockchain schemes seeming to grow by the minute, many fans are understandably eager to know if the titles they support will be following the same siren song of digital stupidity. One such question was mused by a Path of Exile fan on Twitter, earning a very concise and clear response from developer Grinding Gear Games.

“With the state of the industry I’ve been haunted by the fever dream of GGG bringing NFTs to PoE,” read the fan’s tweet. “Can you imagine? Introducing the latest Mystery Box now with a chance to contain a NFT of hideout decoration concept art.” A reply from GGG’s community director Bex swiftly and decisively put those fears to bed:

“I showed [producer] Chris [Wilson] this tweet and he said to say ‘Chris says NFTs can fuck off.'”

As for the game’s current news, the December full of events continues to roll on with the start of Endless Heist, which kicked off this past Friday and runs until Monday, December 27th.

sources: Twitter, official forums, thanks to GD for the tip!
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