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Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif AMA covers monetization, endgame, and more

Judging by the flood of comments over Steven Sharif's impromptu Ask Me Anything post a week ago, it looks as though the hype...
See? No bear.

Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif gives an impromptu talk on the game’s mechanics

So a funny thing happened during a Summit1g livestream on Saturday. The streamer was checking out a recent LazyPeon breakdown video for...

Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif talks servers, housing, and moderating the playerbase

In an interview with the Paradox Gaming Network, Intrepid Studios' Steven Sharif answered a whole slew of questions regarding Ashes of Creation,...
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Ashes of Creation plans for more testers and resuming cosmetic sales

The latest Ashes of Creation dispatch from creative director Steven Sharif will no doubt put the minds of fans at ease. Sharif states...

Ashes of Creation’s latest dev stream previews housing in cities

Kickstarted MMORPG Ashes of Creation has previously off Freeholds, the open world housing villas that players can place. That's not the only...

Ashes of Creation puts up a spectacular 4K video of raw gameplay footage

With Ashes of Creation's pre-alpha ticking along and the NDA partially lifted, we're starting to hear more and more about this upcoming...

Ashes of Creation partially lifts its NDA, discusses open world housing and caravans in a livestream

Things appear to be going rather swimmingly for Ashes of Creation. During the game's most recent developer livestream, the team touted an...

Ashes of Creation shows off pre-alpha footage starring a curious mage and some strange ruins

Wandering around the realm of Ashes of Creation, you're likely going to run in to some interesting sights. Take, for example, the

Ashes of Creation’s community propels hype through infographics and polls

With Alpha One testing starting this month, Ashes of Creation has a lot to show the world to help bolster confidence in...
Sorry, wait, were we not pointing this one out yet?

Ashes of Creation shows off alpha gameplay, takes a stance against DPS meters

With an alpha test coming this month and another one on tap for this fall, Ashes of Creation is grinding slowly toward...
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Ashes of Creation plans its alpha one testing starting in May

Make it through this stretch of time, Ashes of Creation, because good things are coming in the future. Specifically, they'll be arriving in...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 265: Delusions of Elyria

Justin, Bree, MJ, and Mia discuss Chronicles of Elyria, Guild Wars 2, PSO2, Ashes of Creation, Saga of Lucimia, WoW Classic and Burning Crusade, with adventures in LOTRO, Revelation Online, Don't Starve Together, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on player housing and optional sub servers.

Ashes of Creation shows off an hour’s worth of gameplay from alpha one

Earlier this week, Intrepid Studios had promised to deliver some gameplay from the alpha one build of Ashes of Creation, and deliver...

Ashes of Creation announces an early preview livestream of alpha one

Intrepid Studios is ready to show the world what it's got. On Friday, March 27th, at 2:00 p.m. EST, Ashes of Creation will...

Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse ends its beleaguered early access

Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse battle royale spin-off is going dark, according to a post on the game's site last night. "On Tuesday, March...

Ashes of Creation shares the lore and the development of the Scalerunner mount

Ashes of Creation is adding a new mount, and as is often the case when this happens, there's a big ol' lore dump...

Ashes of Creation discusses alpha 1, shows off monsters and houses

Ashes of Creation appears to be ramping up things and nearing a point of its first alpha. The most recent developer update...

Massively Overthinking: Contemplating Colossus and Camelot Unchained

You had to know we were going to talk about Camelot Unchained in this edition of Massively Overthinking, right? Last week, City State...

Star Citizen Live discusses the Theaters of War multiplayer FPS mode

One of the more surprising reveals to come out of last year's CitizenCon was Theaters of War, a 20v20 mode arriving to

Global Chat: Do you binge-play MMOs?

With TV streaming services that dump entire seasons of shows on us at once, we have become a society that is used to binging...