Ashes of Creation showcases alpha two’s updates to UI, animation, and tank skills


Are you ready for 45 minutes’ worth of fresh alpha footage from Ashes of Creation? Because that’s just what the devs at Intrepid Studios are offering followers as they grant a look inside the game’s alpha two build to highlight UI updates, improved animations, and a look at tank abilities.

The video calls attention to a variety of improved UI elements including the quest log, inventory icons and tooltips, and the world map, though the devs also note that everything is still work-in-progress. The team also takes a fair chunk of time to go over several tank abilities, highlighting their effects both in terms of inter-class synergy and party member synergy.

The rest of the footage sees the party of developers moving through a zone to head to a quest objective, showcasing various skills, effects, and attack animation updates while also talking about their design goals for tanks, from typical tools like threat generation and damage mitigation to more actively protecting party members with skills like Aegis. It’s a long-form look at alpha adventuring and it awaits below the break.

source: YouTube
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