Massively Overthinking: Is the age of the $15 subscription coming to an end?

Massively OP's own Justin Olivetti penned a blog post this week in which he muses on the lifespan of the $15 MMO sub fee,...

The Daily Grind: Do you multitask while playing MMOs?

The other night I may have broken a personal record of multitasking while playing an MMO. I was in the game doing quests while...

Netflix is making The Division movie with a new director

The Division's cinematic adaptation is picking up steam, especially now that it has a home on the popular Netflix streaming platform. Ubisoft announced recently...
Forget it, back to the last place.

E3 2019: The Division 2 heads back to New York for third DLC, plus Uplay and movie updates

It seems a little odd that The Division 2 sends us down to Washington, DC when our actual main antagonist heads right back to...
So, bye.

Vague Patch Notes: MMOs are not the same as your single-player games with servers

Recently, I've been trying to get into Bloodborne. This isn't a result of my disliking the Souls franchise as a whole, just that it's never...

Niantic just released a Netflix anime series based on its MMOARPG Ingress

It's the transmedia synergy you didn't know you wanted but you're getting it anyway: Niantic announced the release of its Ingress TV show this...

One Shots: Beauty in profile

Let me be clear on this: You guys always post absolutely amazing pictures. One of the toughest tasks I have every week is picking...

Lawful Neutral: The future of MMO game design in a streaming gaming world

It’s been an interesting few weeks for gaming. We saw the announcement of Google’s game streaming service, Stadia, and then Apple’s subscribe-to-access game service,...

Massively Overthinking: MMOs as distraction vs. culture

Earlier this month, there was a fascinating conversation swirling around a Gamasutra article by Bryant Francis, specifically a quote from game dev Patric Mondou. "We're moving away...

New Blizzard trademark filing rekindles speculation about Diablo TV series

You may remember that last year, there was a brief but passionate firestorm of speculation that Blizzard was gearing up to produce a TV...
Let the wrong ones in.

Valve is getting rid of Steam’s non-gaming video service because you probably didn’t know it existed

Sorry, Steam fans, but the platform's non-gaming video section is being retired. Yes, you will no longer be able to buy hit movies like...

The Daily Grind: Do you trust companies selling ‘games as a service’?

MUD and MMO players are pretty much the original victims of "games as a service" mentality. News that Nintendo is shutting down the Wii...
Take care.

The MOP Up: WildStar suffers another indignity

Miss WildStar? Well at least there's the soundtrack to listen to on various sites, right? Nope! Apparently NCsoft pulled the acclaimed score from sites...

Fortnite is apparently fertile ground for doing crimes, like money laundering

Hey, you know what is fun? Money laundering! Wait, did we say "fun"? We meant "highly illegal and full of dire consequences." It's probably...
Back again, etc.

Activision investors are now investigating whether the Bungie split involves securities fraud

Two days ago, Activision and Bungie announced an early split of their long-running partnership, a split that transferred publishing rights for the franchise back...
A world of disappointments.

Activision Blizzard’s CFO is ousted and appears to be getting hired by Netflix

It's a new year, but we've still got some last vestiges of last year's corporate ongoings to close out the events of 2018. Isn't...
It only became real very recently.

Ever wonder what a World of Warcraft TV series might look like?

Steaming TV services are making every fantasy franchise under the sun these days, from Lord of the Rings to Wheel of Time. So how...
I don't like this, but hey, someone did.

Vague Patch Notes: MMO emulation as a paean for the dead vs. a mockery of the living

If you ever need to know why we'll happily cover Star Wars Galaxies emulators and not Ultima Online emulators here on Massively Overpowered, the reason is...

Blizzard talks Overwatch’s Echo character, big-screen ambitions, and crossplay potential

Most of the buzz coming out of BlizzCon's Overwatch reveals centered on the new playable bad-girl Ashe, who is totally not just McCree but...

Diablo ‘Reign of Terror’ merch in Blizz store revives speculation on Diablo IV

Set aside your French history knowledge for a sec and consider the phrase Reign of Terror in a new light: a light that also...