LOTRO Legendarium: What the Amazon TV series means for Lord of the Rings Online

If you haven't been paying attention to the television market over the past few years, you might have missed the fact that we are...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMOs of 2017’s PAX West

PAX West 2017 has come and gone, and though MJ is still feverishly working on her last few articles, we wanted to pause...
March out of the light.

Everyone seems to love Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, and it’s not what you think

Are you interested in watching a series about Final Fantasy XIV that's actually about watching two people play the game? You might be...

Final Fantasy XIV synergizes with Dominos and Netflix, throws a huge Mog Station sale

Like a mighty team of warriors coming together for a final boss battle, Square Enix has partnered up with some interesting companions to spread...

Perfect Ten: MMO experiments in transmedia synergy

We're not going to argue that MMORPGs are the dominant form of media entertainment these days, but they do have endurance and a devoted...

Hyperspace Beacon: Star Wars The Old Republic’s Uncle Owen problem

When Star Wars: The Old Republic first released, an old Star Wars Galaxies argument popped up, and the crux of that argument...

Star Trek Online channels Next Generation’s spirit with Geordi LaForge, skants, and Galaxy interiors

Believe it or not, this September will mark the 30th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation. What began as a...

SuperData’s mid-2017 report reflects a wildly expanding gaming industry

Gaming analysis firm SuperData is touting a new report for marketers today, shedding some light on the shape of the industry so...
No, you don't get to be awful here.

ROBLOX is on track to pay indie devs $30M this year, reaches 56M active monthly users

A game where the studio pays out millions to players? What kind of bizarro world are we living in, anyway? When it comes to the...

NetEase and Kabam join Blizzard’s star-studded global Overwatch League

The ESPN report earlier this week suggesting that Blizzard has several agreements from big-name sports-affiliated venture capitalists to host Overwatch League teams across the US...

Hyperspace Beacon: A three-step guide to conquering SWTOR’s Nightlife event

Last week, Star Wars: The Old Republic brought back the Nightlife event on Nar Shaddaa. In a nutshell, it's a gambling event. After...
Aw yeah.

Project Gorgon finishes coding brand-new graphical user interface

Anyone who has ever played Project Gorgon knows that its graphical user interface is as basic and utilitarian as possible. Well, soon that...

St Paddy’s Day MMORPG deals and events roundup

Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone! This particular holiday isn't the best for sales, for dumb jokes, or for deep events, but the MMORPG genre...
I mean... yeah, okay.

Star Trek Online brings Agents of Yesterday to consoles

The original Star Trek series has come to consoles with the latest update to Star Trek Online. Sure, you could always stream the...

League of Legends data feature in New York state lawsuit against Time Warner

Remember back in the day when you'd complain about your lag and connectivity issues in an online game, only to have the studio tell...

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne launches today; we chat with BioWare

Last year, the developers of Star Wars the Old Republic changed the focus of the game. Instead of continuing to make Knights of the...

Get Daredevil for free in Marvel Heroes this weekend

To celebrate the second season of Daredevil coming out on Netflix this month, Marvel Heroes is giving away the hero this weekend...

Skyforge calls players to fight against planetary gods

Planetary invasions are beginning to become a fact of life for Skyforge players. Get up, brush your teeth, fight off waves of terrifying...

Ascent’s lead dev offers insight on the Star Citizen controversy

Last week, the Massively OP podcast hosted guest James Hicks, the developer behind impressive indie space sandbox MMO Ascent: The Space Game....
Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes’ Daredevil gets tuneup, new skin

Marvel Heroes is cranking up the transmedia synergy by way of a new Daredevil promotion that fits nicely alongside the recently released Netflix...