This week’s Black Desert update is Cursed, literally, as the Netflix collab begins


Cursed by Netflix transmedia synergy, that is! Yes, as promised, the Netflix fantasy series Cursed has a big crossover with the Black Desert franchise rolling out this week. When it was announced earlier in July, we didn’t quite know what it would entail for MMO gamers, but now we do: Pearl Abyss and Kakao have literally put the show’s main character, Nimue, into the game; you’ll apparently be helping her battle the Red Paladin bad guys and help her return to her Arthurian world. And yes, there’s plenty of loot in it for you.

The questline went live yesterday for Black Desert Mobile players, while it launches for PC players as of this morning. Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will see their updates next week on August 5th. Pearl Abyss notes that the questline is aimed at toons 53 and up and must be completed during the event phase (so before August 26th when the promo ends), and of course, the free-play trial is still ongoing.

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