Official Site: Paladins
Studio: Hi-Rez Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Shooter
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Tribes: Ascend’s first major patch since 2013 lands today

Back in August, Hi-Rez surprised disgruntled Tribes: Ascend fans by announcing that it would be resuming updates after years of maintenance mode. At the time,...

Datamined files point to a SMITE PS4 version

Hi-Rez looks like it might be preparing for further expansion into the console market with an upcoming PlayStation 4 port of its popular MOBA. One datamining site found files...
That's cool.

Paladins adds deserter system and Evie, the Winter Witch

Hi-Rez Studios has released as new a video that details Paladins' 0.8 update. Lead designer Rory Newborough says it's a big patch that makes...

The Stream Team: Play-testing the rest of Paladins’ champions

The first time MassivelyOP's MJ delved into Paladins, she was wasn't able to try out all the various champions. She didn't manage to play...

The Stream Team: A peek into Paladins

You've heard what Paladins is: It's an objective-based team FPS. You've learned even more details from our hands-on. Now is your chance to actually...
Game recognizes game.

Betawatch: Devilian steps up its PvP game for its fourth closed beta test (November 20, 2015)

How strong is Devilian's PvP game? Really, it's hard to say, but it's being stepped up for the game's fourth closed test. That closed...

Paladins’ beta begins today; come get a key [All gone now!]

From announcement and demo to closed beta in four months: That's just how Hi-Rez's new shooter Paladins rolls. Hi-Rez has granted MOP 500 keys for this...

Hi-Rez sets out 10 principles for Paladins’ beta

Hi-Rez wants you to know that it isn't a typical development studio, and as a result, its team shooter Paladins won't be going through...

Paladins has founder’s packs

I guess founder's packs are the new early access, that being the developer weapon of choice for separating gamers from their money in the age...

Not So Massively: Grey Goo’s $75k tournament, Nexon’s LawBreakers

Valve announced that Dota 2's Reborn update will be released to the live servers in the next few weeks. Online RTS Grey Goo launched...
I live, I die, I live again!

Hi-Rez Studios’ COO Todd Harris on Paladins, Tribes: Ascend, and e-sports

It was kind of a surprise when Tribes: Ascend fans were told this week to expect new stuff for the game after it sat...

Hi-Rez really is working on Tribes: Ascend again

Shelve your snark, Hi-Rez detractors: It looks as if Tribes: Ascend isn't dead after all. Following rumors last week that suggested the studio might be turning...

Not So Massively: Star Citizen demos live gameplay; Dota 2 team kicks member after $6m win

Last week, Star Citizen released impressive Gamescom 2015 demo videos showing live gameplay footage of players walking around a space port and a mission...

Gamescom 2015: First hands-on look at Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins

Hi-Rez Studios pulled quite the ace out of its sleeve during Gamescom with its freshly announced new addition to the shooter market, Paladins. The...

Not So Massively: NSM at Gamescom 2015; Splatoon’s Octoling hack

It's been a fantastic week for online gaming with dozens of MOBAs and competitive shooters on the show floor at Gamescom 2015. Hi-Rez Studios...

Hi-Rez is making Paladins, a team FPS with deckbuilding

Hi-Rez has been hinting at its new project in recent weeks, and while we were expecting to get an eye full of it at...