player-created content

LOTRO’s community puts on a Shirefest concert series

If you have some spare time this weekend and a hankering to enjoy good music amongst friends, make your way over to Lord of...

Massively on the Go: Fun ideas for online play in Animal Crossing New Horizons

I love sandbox gameplay. I'm pretty sure a lot of you readers do too, which is probably why a good deal of us have...

Gamigo is retooling Trove’s player-generated content submission system

I'd be willing to be that in spite of how often we cover Trove, most of our readers have no idea that a lot...

Illyriad gives players the tools to make their own content

Browser kingdom sim Illyriad is putting more power in the hands of the players, as the devs have released an API that will allow...
Don't be a dick, be a dude.

Sword Coast Legends shows off an hour of campaign creation

One of the big draws of Sword Coast Legends is that you aren't just limited to playing through the game that other people come...

Shroud of the Avatar’s zombies are infectious fun

Every MMO, whether sci-fi, fantasy, or equine, must at some point feature zombies. It's video game law. Fortunately for Shroud of the Avatar fans, it...
Not the chess maneuver.

A guide to building and using your kingdom in Crowfall

Crowfall's individual campaign worlds are intended to be reset over time. That's by design; each world will flourish, then wither, then die. But the...