Roblox confirms Quest VR release later this month, PlayStation launch in October


Roblox’s bespoke RDC event has once again offered up a list of major headlines for the multiplayer player-generated content platform, but one of the biggest of the lot is the title’s proliferation to more platforms – specifically the Quest VR headset and PlayStation consoles.

The Quest release, which started open beta in July, will now move to a full launch sometime later in the month of September after a beta test that reportedly saw 1 million downloads. Then it will be moving over to the PlayStation consoles at some point in October with access to the full catalogue of games crafted by players. The Xbox version will also be getting some love, with a new look, more frequent updates, better content recommendations, and an improved UI.

In addition to the console launches this year, Roblox talked up new features for avatar creation, the release of a conversational AI tool later this year, a Roblox Connect mobile app that will let people call one another on their Roblox friends list for in-avatar conversations, and the ability for creators to keep 100% of the proceeds (bar taxes and processing fees) from Studio or Creator Hub sales next year.

The studio behind the platform also talked up the success of artificially limited digital item sales and its immersive ads, and once again beat on the “safety and civility” drum with the promise of more moderation tools such as a voice chat mod tool planned to be released “shortly.”

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