Richard Garriott and Starr Long’s studio working on Shroud of the Avatar.

Shroud of the Avatar’s Vault cash shop is getting an upgrade to… auto-rotate what’s for sale

Shroud of the Avatar once more has another newsletter, and once again it's about its cash shop. Specifically, it's about changes to the Vault...

Shroud of the Avatar plans on hosting official PvP events complete with unique new trophies

Shroud of the Avatar likes hosting its little events. Whether they're weekly fishing tournaments or official decoration contests (which will be coming back soon,...

Shroud of the Avatar has made a female shopkeeper outfit and it is very proud of itself

Do you play a lady in Shroud of the Avatar? Does that lady own a shop? Have you ever wanted to make that shopkeeping...

Shroud of the Avatar ramps up XP gains for regular and meticulous gathering

The reward for gathering something in an MMORPG isn't the sensation of a job well done, it's usually getting XP to get to the...

Shroud of the Avatar’s goes bunker busting in a galaxy far, far away

If you're the type to have compassion upon deer that claim to have been the subject of a curse, then you are the mark...

MMORPGs around the globe celebrate Star Wars day

May the 4th (as in, May the 4th be with you) is upon us, and plenty of MMOs would like you to know that...

Massively Overthinking: What generates trust in MMO crowdfunding for you?

Last week, an anonymous game developer posted on the MMORPG Reddit about the broader MMO playerbase's frustrations with crowdfunding. See, this dev says he's...
Huh. That... huh.

Shroud of the Avatar disables a big experience boost to get rid of shared experience pools

There was a 10x quest experience bonus in Shroud of the Avatar, but it has been disabled now. But the reason is actually somewhat...
yay sure

Shroud of the Avatar extends an olive branch to Chronicles of Elyria’s community

With this week's announcement of the collapse of Chronicles of Elyria's studio and development, you can bet that there are a whole lot of...

Shroud of the Avatar offers a preview of its upcoming Bunker C scene

While much of the most recent Avatar's Update from Shroud of the Avatar doesn't have too much different from the last one, there is...

Shroud of the Avatar lets players pick Mistrendur locations, unveils new town size

The latest Avatar's Update newsletter from Shroud of the Avatar is all about land ownership, for the most part. Whether you're among those players...
Sometimes the issue comes back to a failure to launch.

Perfect Ten: Son of conversations with anthropomorphic MMO studios

It has been a while since I've had any more conversations with anthropomorphic representations of MMO studios. Why? Because it's not fun for me. Come...

Interview: Saga of Lucimia on themepark design, SWG inspiration, and the MMO genre

Last week, we ran an interview with Stormhaven Studios' Tim Anderson, the boss behind upcoming MMORPG Saga of Lucimia. That interview was focused on...

Interview: Saga of Lucimia on funding, development, launch, and business models

Upcoming MMORPG Saga of Lucimia has been somewhat dark over the last year as its developers hunkered down to develop rather than hype. But...

Shroud of the Avatar croons over its Bardic skill tree

If you know anything about us here at Massively OP, it's that any news of Bards being added to MMOs brings the most beautiful...

Shroud of the Avatar readies for the Mistrendur land rush

There's a new parcel of land coming to Shroud of the Avatar and already players are itching to stake a claim and build on...

Shroud of the Avatar updates Bard skills, gives $6999 backers a new house

A new architecture style has arrived to Shroud of the Avatar and the first ones to get their look at it are those who...

Shroud of the Avatar shows off its reborn Upper Tears region

It would seem that the undead of the Upper Tears area in Shroud of the Avatar have gotten fed up of being XP-earning fodder...
No, this one... this one's certain.

Perfect Ten: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures at the start of 2020

This annual column always inspires a certain amount of debate, which is intentional. Outside of the office, a good chunk of that debate is...

Shroud of the Avatar outlines plans for Episode 2’s arrival and additional updates in 2020

So, just where is Shroud of the Avatar's Episode 2? That question is mostly answered in a rather beefy dev forum post which outlines...