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RIFT players datamine changes to the Prime XP curve and new item packs

The fine souls at the Ghar Station has once again turned to the latest RIFT patch to mine out relevant information, and the results are now visible for all to see! Curious about how experience-to-level rates are changing? There’s a chart for that, and it’s a useful one, since the reduction isn’t uniform; higher levels have a bigger overall reduction. It’s not a huge shift, but it should make getting past level 30 somewhat faster and smoother.

The datamining has also turned up evidence of an upcoming mount sale, for those who feel like there aren’t currently enough different options for what you ride around town. Another option is coming in the form of a new mined-out item pack offering players an Armored Blood Raptor, a 40-slot bag, a dragon companion pet, and 15 days of subscription time. So many secrets hidden in the data files; when you experience all of them in the wild, try to act dutifully surprised.

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Global Chat: Dipping back into MMO underwater combat

Guild Wars 2’s recent renovation of underwater combat has brought back some interest to this oft-neglected sphere of gameplay. Inventory Full’s Bhagpuss used this occasion as an opportunity to examine the role of underwater combat in general and the changes to GW2 in specific.

“The undersea worlds of most MMOs weren’t quite so unforgiving but still they were shunned,” he notes. “Developers tended to avoid them too, other than blocking out something wet and watery in the most perfunctory manner possible. It was quite a surprise when Guild Wars 2 launched with a goodly amount to see and do below the surface, any number of bodies of water, from inland lakes to the open seas, offering much the same opportunity and inducement to explore as their counterparts on dry land.”

Once you towel off from that essay, join the MMO blogosphere as it looks at DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft, RIFT Prime, and more!

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RIFT opens a progression test server

What’s better and more useful than one test server? If you’re Trion Worlds, it’s two test servers! No, the studio hasn’t gone loco just yet; Trion wanted to establish a second public test server to try out changes for RIFT’s progression shard.

“We’ve been hard at work on this project over the weekend, which will allow us to better test features and balance before sending them to Prime,” Trion said. “Omega runs on a Prime config and will have a test build of unreleased Prime changes on it.”

The Omega server is up and the patch notes are already posted for the upcoming build, so check it out! RIFT Prime recently enabled its Greenscale Blight raid, offering more endgame content for the newly minted level 50s.

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RIFT Prime reintroduces 10-player slivers and LFR

The sliver-spooned mouths of RIFT Prime subscribers are being filled with all manner of endgame challenges this week. With the first step forward of its progression content, RIFT Prime has reintroduced two of its slivers to the Vigil server.

“When you dare to enter a sliver, you will experience an alternate timeline where events have evolved differently, often disastrously, from our own reality,” Trion Worlds said. “Danger and imminent death await all but the strongest.”

The first two slivers to be activated are the ocean-themed Drowned Halls and the hostile desert environment of Gilded Prophecy. The 10-player content requires “highly coordinated” teams to tackle the content. Fortunately, the looking for raid tool is now back in the game as well to hook such players up together.

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Global Chat: Giving Project Gorgon a try

With Project Gorgon now out on Steam early access, many first-time visitors to this strange game are feeling out the world and its systems. So what are they discovering?

Tales of the Aggronaut said that he was “hooked” when he put in a good weekend: “Part of the charm of this game is that it plops you into the game with no real warning or advisement about what you should be doing.”

“There’s never any doubting the sheer personality evident in every aspect of the game,” recommended Inventory Full. “The enthusiasm and good nature of the tiny development team sweeps all cynicism away.”

Project Gorgon not your cup of tea? Join us after the break for blog essays on Second Life, RIFT Prime, Shroud of the Avatar, and even Dungeons & Dragons!

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RIFT: Three more ‘content milestones’ in 2018, progression server’s lifespan extended

Trion Worlds is stepping up its communication game this week, first with a post on the imminent plans for RIFT’s progression server and then slapping down a huge developer Q&A on the entire MMO this past Friday. By the way, one of our biggest pet peeves here at MOP is when devs churn out livestreams with important information but fail to put any of that in writing, so major props go out to Trion for giving us both written and video versions of what’s coming for the game.

Both the live and progression servers received attention during the livestream. The studio said that it’s increasing the RIFT team and has plans for “three more content milestones” in 2018. “There are live systems and balance needs that we want to give love before discussing what a next expansion looks like,” Trion said.

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RIFT Prime lays out progression server plans

The path ahead for RIFT’s thriving new progression server has been revealed, as Trion Worlds finally laid out plans for what’s to come on Vigil — as well as the live servers.

The first batch of new content since the server’s release is about to be unlocked later this month with the Greenscale raid. Players can already start working on the life and death sagas in preparation for this. Several expert modes of dungeons are coming as well as nerfs to some standard mode dungeon bosses. The Port Scion PvP warfront is due to be opened, and PvP in general is getting a lot of attention and adjustment from the team.

Past that, players can anticipate the River of Souls update, a 20-player looking-for-raid tool, new world events, and the Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls slivers. Work has started on the game’s Summerfest 2018 event with a new theme for both live and Prime. The team also said that it is trying to tackle ability lag, class balance, and bolstering in PvP.

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Trion declares RIFT Prime a ‘massive success’ with ‘thousands’ of subbing players

You’d hardly expect an MMO company to send along a press release declaring its game a failure, right? Indeed, Trion’s PR this morning argues that RIFT’s Prime progression server was a “rousing success,” noting that in its first month, “thousands” of gamers have given it a try (and therefore, subbed or resubbed to the 2011 MMORPG).

“Thousands of players have jumped into the new server, taking in all of the excitement and classic RIFT content on offer,” Trion says. “In the first month of the availability of Vigil, the RIFT Prime server, players completed more than five million quests and tens of thousands of dungeons. The server’s active population has stayed high since its deployment last month, and the first days of the server saw hundreds of players teaming up to conquer some of its biggest challenges in record numbers.”

In fact, players set a record in RIFT: “A dynamic event in Silverwood on day one had the most participants of any event in RIFT history,” according to Producer Amanda Fry.

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RIFT throws out second progression server challenge

While the wait continues to hear what RIFT is going to do with its Prime progression server, Trion Worlds has kicked off a second community challenge to keep the population busy.

This time around, players are being tasked with completing expert-level saga quests, grabbing all of the Port Scion PvP achievements, and collecting 20 bounty artifacts. Rewards include titles, more titles, even more titles, and animal sounds emotes. This current challenge is running from April 8th through May 17th.

How’s life going on the Vigil server? Massively OP has a seasoned reporter in the field, bringing to you the latest developments as they happen.

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RIFT Prime jacks up its quest experience, works on lag

Players on RIFT’s relatively new Prime progression server will see one major complaint addressed today: Trion Worlds is tripling the experience rewarded from quests in a hotfix.

Experience and rate of progression has been a sore topic with the community ever since RIFT launched the server two weeks ago. While some felt fine with the deliberately slower pace of progression, others found themselves underleveled and without any quests to fill the gap. So three times the quest XP should help with this going forward.

Players will find that dungeons are a little less lucrative with this hotfix, as the bosses are tougher and the cosmetic and mount drop rate lower. Some bosses have had their damage output nerfed, however.

The hotfix also targeted “back-end adjustments” to help with the occasional appearance of the fearsome lag monster.

Source: Patch notes


First impressions of RIFT’s Prime progression server

The best word to describe what was happening on the launch day of RIFT Prime was “surreal.” It was absolutely surreal to see crowds of players running around in the low-level zones, and more than one person made the observation that it felt like the original launch day all over again.

I had to concur. With guilds forming left and right on the new progression server, players scrambling over each other to try to grab quest objectives, and fishing lines as far as the eye could see, it was a sight not seen in the beginning zones of RIFT since March 2011. And also as in 2011, everyone here on this progression server was paying a subscription to be a part of this new, tailored experience.

It’s a weird bird, too. RIFT Prime isn’t exactly vanilla, but it does offer a way to go back to the core game without some of the “fast lane” features (like instant adventures) to zip up through the levels. It strips all players of their extra starting bonuses, save for the special cash shop packs that kind of ruined this pristine level starting field.

It was a good, strong start, at least as far as my limited observations perceived, but what was playing RIFT Prime really like? After a couple of days on this new server ruleset, I have a few thoughts about both the good and bad of RIFT’s stab at a progression shard.

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RIFT Prime kicks off progression server while Trion reclaims names

The day is finally here. RIFT Prime, the new progression server that is bringing players back to the core game, has gone live following a period of downtime and patching. Requiring a subscription to access, Prime has stripped out most of the cash shop and all of the newer areas to provide a more level starting ground for new and veteran players.

“This server returns us to the launch of RIFT, when the level cap was 50 and all of the great Dragons awaited,” Trion posted. “Over time, we will unlock new content and levels together! There are no boosts, no supply crates, no equipment, no bags on the RIFT Prime in-game store for credits; they will be offered for in-game currency. This is the world of RIFT before free-to-play, accessible to any and all who are Patrons! It’s going to be a CHALLENGE!”

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RIFT team tackles Prime server Q&A

Have questions about next month’s RIFT Prime server? You and everyone else, buddy. With the rapid rollout of the progression server ruleset, Trion Worlds is scrambling to catch up in the information delivery department. The studio recently put out a more extensive Q&A video to supplement the skimpy announcement FAQ that it released.

While the team doesn’t give a fixed schedule or end date for the server, it did reveal several important points. Players can roll up to two characters, will experience a different login calendar, and will have to scramble to grab names when the server launches. Trion said that there is no chance of this server continuing indefinitely.

If you’re looking for a boiled-down transcript, MMORPG has a good rundown of the salient details.

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