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RIFT’s first expansion, Storm Legion, unlocks on the Prime progression server

There's a storm brewing on the RIFT Prime progression server, as Storm Legion, the game's first expansion, unlocks today. Players on the Patron-only Prime...
We may also not be in Telara, either.

RIFT Prime will get the 2012 Storm Legion expansion this fall

Remember way back in 2012 when Storm Legion launched in Trion Worlds' MMO RIFT? You can remember all over again this fall, at least...
Goes boom and stuff.

RIFT players datamine changes to the Prime XP curve and new item packs

The fine souls at the Ghar Station has once again turned to the latest RIFT patch to mine out relevant information, and the results...

Global Chat: Dipping back into MMO underwater combat

Guild Wars 2's recent renovation of underwater combat has brought back some interest to this oft-neglected sphere of gameplay. Inventory Full's Bhagpuss used this...

RIFT opens a progression test server

What's better and more useful than one test server? If you're Trion Worlds, it's two test servers! No, the studio hasn't gone loco just...

RIFT Prime reintroduces 10-player slivers and LFR

The sliver-spooned mouths of RIFT Prime subscribers are being filled with all manner of endgame challenges this week. With the first step forward of...

Global Chat: Giving Project Gorgon a try

With Project Gorgon now out on Steam early access, many first-time visitors to this strange game are feeling out the world and its systems....
There's a mount.

RIFT: Three more ‘content milestones’ in 2018, progression server’s lifespan extended

Trion Worlds is stepping up its communication game this week, first with a post on the imminent plans for RIFT's progression server and then...

RIFT Prime lays out progression server plans

The path ahead for RIFT's thriving new progression server has been revealed, as Trion Worlds finally laid out plans for what's to come on...

Trion declares RIFT Prime a ‘massive success’ with ‘thousands’ of subbing players

You'd hardly expect an MMO company to send along a press release declaring its game a failure, right? Indeed, Trion's PR this morning argues...

RIFT throws out second progression server challenge

While the wait continues to hear what RIFT is going to do with its Prime progression server, Trion Worlds has kicked off a second...

RIFT Prime jacks up its quest experience, works on lag

Players on RIFT's relatively new Prime progression server will see one major complaint addressed today: Trion Worlds is tripling the experience rewarded from quests...

First impressions of RIFT’s Prime progression server

The best word to describe what was happening on the launch day of RIFT Prime was "surreal." It was absolutely surreal to see crowds...

RIFT Prime kicks off progression server while Trion reclaims names

The day is finally here. RIFT Prime, the new progression server that is bringing players back to the core game, has gone live following...
That is definitely a thing.

RIFT team tackles Prime server Q&A

Have questions about next month's RIFT Prime server? You and everyone else, buddy. With the rapid rollout of the progression server ruleset, Trion Worlds...

RIFT datamining looks at Prime server and Patch 4.4

With the opening of RIFT Prime on March 7th, players are showing an increased interest in this nearly seven-year-old MMO. One thing that everyone...

RIFT Prime progression server launches March 7, with pack preorders available now

Can you believe RIFT's been around for almost seven years? Neither can we. Trion is celebrating by releasing the long-awaited progression server, RIFT Prime,...

Interview: Trion Worlds goes in depth on RIFT Prime

Following the initial announcement of RIFT Prime and the ensuing details that started to come out of Trion Worlds on the progression server, we...
Look flashy.

RIFT Prime won’t let you carry your characters over to regular servers

Trion Worlds' announcement of a RIFT Prime server for this spring may have raised more questions than it answered. While the studio is starting...