RIFT datamining looks at Prime server and Patch 4.4

With the opening of RIFT Prime on March 7th, players are showing an increased interest in this nearly seven-year-old MMO. One thing that everyone might not realize, especially if they are only now contemplating a return to the game, is that Trion has much more in the works than just the new server ruleset.

In fact, dataminers have pulled out a wealth of information for the upcoming Patch 4.4 from the public test server that gives us a much more fleshed-out idea of what’s coming.

Patch 4.4 contains the new Tenebrean Prison warfront for PvP players, two additional armor sets, a pair of instant adventures (one in Moonshade Highlands and one in Droughtlands), and some of the goodies for the seventh anniversary (ever wanted a little pet unicorn?). Blood storm dragon, desert snail, and balloon mounts also look to be in the works.

Of course, if you’re eager for more RIFT Prime info, then you’ve probably skipped straight down to this paragraph. It looks like the studio is adjusting enemy health and damage to be relative to players’ levels, some undefined class changes, and 173 “content flags” that includes dungeons, chronicles, difficulty levels, and raids.

Source: The Ghar Station. Thanks Anon!
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i’m really curious about the balance state prime is going to have. alot of people seem to be saying it’s going to be current live balance but i can’t imagine a version based on 20 levels and points more than the prime cap is going to play out well at all. >>

Bruno Brito

It seems like it’s live balance yeah. Kinda like WoW’s Pristine Server’s idea.


That’s pretty much what they have said from day 1 since they are using live souls.