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Bless will be down to two Korean servers after its next round of merges

Back in February, Bless underwent a merge of its servers -- sorry, a "server integration" -- over in Korea. According to Steparu, June will...

WildStar’s PvP plan means server consolidation on PvE worlds

WildStar Game Director Chad "Pappy" Moore has big plans for reigniting the PvP flame in the beleaguered sci-fi MMO. "Increasingly over time the majority...

WildStar is merging its PvE servers back together today

A few weeks ago, Carbine merged WildStar's post-F2P servers back with their originals. Now it's PvE's turn. The studio announced on Twitter yesterday that the...

WildStar to reunite F2P servers next week

You might recall that in the whole crush of WildStar's free-to-play transition, Carbine decided to turn on additional servers with the promise that they...

EverQuest II updates on the server merge situation

What's going on with the EverQuest II server merges? Inquiring players want to know, which is why Daybreak has posted an update on the situation...

WildStar adds temporary new servers to lighten F2P load [Updated]

There's no question that WildStar's servers have been crushed this week under the weight of the free-to-play population. Carbine admitted that its four "megaservers"...

ArcheAge’s heroes have finally awoken

Did you miss the ArcheAge clusterfudge over the weekend? After two days of preparation offline, the servers came back up Saturday only to crash...

ArcheAge patches in Heroes Awaken, reveals server merge compensation

As of the writing of this post, ArcheAge players are twiddling their thumbs during a two-day period of downtime during which several of the...

ArcheAge goes offline for two days for 2.0 and server merges

ArcheAge is beginning its great 48-hour blackout today as Trion Worlds rolls out Update 2.0 while simultaneously merging several servers in its "evolution" initiative. "It made...
Won't this be the opposite of fun.

ArcheAge elaborates on the game’s post-server merge environment

If the land rush at launch of ArcheAge was the least fun you'd had since you started playing the game, you probably don't want...
Can't we go back to mushroom people? That'd be keen.

EverQuest II details the fine distinctions of its upcoming server consolidations

Community teams generally avoid the term "server merge" for the same reason that the Chicago Cubs tend to avoid actually winning: No one wants...

ArcheAge taking sign-ups for free server transfers soon

In just a few days, ArcheAge will begin accepting sign-ups for server -- sorry, evolution -- transfers. Trion Worlds announced yesterday that players affected by...

Runes of Magic creating a new chapter for 2016

It's been pretty quiet in Runes of Magic's neck of the woods this year, but that doesn't mean that Runewaker has been coasting. In...
At last, good stuff.

EverQuest II plans server ‘consolidation’ in August

It's all well and good to prefer lower-population servers, but you can also reach a point when the population is so low that you can...

EverQuest 2 will merge servers ‘within the next few months’

EverQuest 2 producer Holly Longdale says that Daybreak will merge US servers on the long-running fantasy MMO "within the next few months." She says that merges...

APB: Reloaded wraps up server merges

There's good news in store for APB: Reloaded players who have been weathering server merges in North America. The move is done, and while...

Survarium reverses its disastrous server merge

Even though they may be feared, server merges are a fact of life in many MMOs. One such merge came this past April in...

APB: Reloaded PC server merges incoming

Starting next month, APB Reloaded will be merging its current PC population in the west onto two improved servers, one in Europe and one...

Atlantica Online introduces its Shadow Legion update

Eight new playable mercenaries have joined the Atlantica Online roster with yesterday's patch. The Shadow Legion consists of martial arts beggars who have begun...

Runes of Magic plans server merges

North America and Australia Runes of Magic players, buckle up: You're about to experience some server merger turbulence. During this period, drink service will...