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Jaina;'s caught her head on the crusher.

BlizzCon 2017: Opening ceremonies liveblog

True confession time: The original version of this post was just the lyrics to Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" with a poor phonetic transcription of...

World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade emulator shut down by Blizzard cease-and-desist

Well, what did you think was going to happen? As they have no legal legs on which to stand, MMORPG emulator projects operate on the...

Nostalrius has decided handing its WoW emu code to Elysium wasn’t such a good idea after all

So here's a twist in the Nostalrius saga that we didn't see coming: The group has changed its mind about supporting its code on...
This is both awesome and an illustration of what's wrong.

World of Warcraft Q&A covers professions, timewalking, and the Brawler’s Guild

Yesterday, the World of Warcraft Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit sat down to take on a question-and-answer session about this week's Patch 7.1.5 and...

New Nostalrius PvP server goes live this weekend

Just when you thought you were going to get through the new year without a single mention of Nostalrius, January 2017 kicks you in...
It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

Nostalrius is resurrecting next week. Your move, Blizzard.

After a yearlong saga that involved the shutdown of an illegal World of Warcraft emulator, fan outcry, Blizzard's high-profile meet-and-greet with the emulator's devs,...

Nostalrius releases WoW emu source code to community, Elysium plans Nostalrius shards

Back before BlizzCon, the admins of the now-sunsetted illegal World of Warcraft emulator Nostalrius issued a vague threat. "If Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement...

Mark Kern posts new WoW Legacy server petition ahead of BlizzCon

There's yet another petition related to legacy World of Warcraft servers live this week, this one begun by Mark Kern himself. Kern (more on his backstory...

Global Chat: Pokemon GO mania sweeps the world

What became an overnight global phenomenon certainly prompted the MMO blogosphere to talk about their experiences and opinions with Pokémon GO! To Game for Life...

Massively Overthinking: What’s never going to happen in your favorite MMO?

Last week's Overthinking question was a very broad one all about genre-wide wishes that go unfulfilled. But what if we drill that down? That's...

Nostalrius team releases vanilla World of Warcraft survey summary

The Nostalrius team's journey to Blizzard and back may be complete, but the details are still coming forth from the large player survey that...

Nostalrius team believes Blizzard ‘want[s] to have legacy WoW servers’

The World of Warcraft vanilla emulator team Nostalrius, which undertook a mission into the depths of Blizzard's HQ this past weekend, has returned and...

Global Chat: Is casual raiding important for MMOs?

When it comes to the subject of raiding, one might get the impression that there are only two factions involved: those who are hardcore...

Mark Kern says Blizzard took his vanilla WoW petition meeting ‘very seriously’

Mark Kern, who this weekend went to Blizzard's campus armed with the printed vanilla World of Warcraft server petition, has returned from his meeting...

The Daily Grind: Do we have a right to play the games we actually buy?

Yesterday's Extra Credits video sends the RC team diving into the Nostalrius issue, but don't start groaning yet: The video initially zips past the...

Nostalrius team surveys community about a World of Warcraft legacy ruleset

As we've been reporting, the team from the shuttered Nostalrius World of Warcraft emulator has been appointed as "ambassadors" of a sort to represent...

Nostalrius admins to meet with WoW execs

Earlier this week, Blizzard responded to calls for a vanilla World of Warcraft server by suggesting it wouldn't do a vanilla server but would...