Mark Kern says Blizzard took his vanilla WoW petition meeting ‘very seriously’


Mark Kern, who this weekend went to Blizzard’s campus armed with the printed vanilla World of Warcraft server petition, has returned from his meeting there and has posted a video describing how it all went. Kern says he believes that Blizzard “took this meeting very seriously” based on how CEO Mike Morhaime and his staff handled both the social and the technical discussions, but Morhaime did caution him that he would make no promises. According to Kern, Morhaime “wants you guys to know that he is listening to you and the WoW dev team also is following this very closely.”

“What Mike wanted to convey was that the technology — while it’s not insurmountable — is definitely more complicated than we’ve made it seem,” Kern acknowledges. “It’s not as easy as throwing up a server like Nostalrius did. Blizzard has a huge infrastructure and a lot of systems that tie into it. Plus they’re very concerned about hitting that quality bar. They want to make sure that anything offer is going to be of exceptionally high quality to match everything else that they’ve done, especially for a flagship product like World of Warcraft.”

The Nostalrius team’s meeting with Blizzard is next week; check out Kern’s whole video below.

Source: Crixia

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