The Daily Grind: Will you be playing World of Warcraft’s Classic servers?


I think it’s safe to say, after all the Nostalrius and legacy server drama from last year, that Blizzard has surprised a lot of people by actually keeping its word to build out some form of classic servers, as announced at BlizzCon last weekend. And the English-language WoW world lost its collective minds, if the 10K-word, 54K-upvote thread that rocketed to the top slot across the entirety of Reddit last Friday is any guide.

The thing is, the studio didn’t actually talk much about the servers other than to say they’re happening, they won’t take resources from WoW, and they’re operating under a separate team – there’s not much to talk about, just basic infrastructure. That probably means we’re a long way off. On the other hand, Blizzard seems serious about making a commitment to the community on this one, which makes it really enticing to me at least, way more than I expected.

How about you? Will you be playing World of Warcraft’s Classic servers? Or are you in wait-and-see mode until we know much more?

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Scott Rankin

Will definitely give it a try again.
I really enjoyed the classic Everquest servers, only the Kronos (pay cash for time tokens) that were used in trade for items ruined it for me.

as wow wont have the obnoxious tokens it should be a fun game to pop in and out of.


Will you be playing World of Warcraft’s Classic servers?

Short version:
Probably not. “It depends”.
I’d like Vanilla/TBC/WotLK merged endgame content with TBC mechanics and rulesets.

Longer version:
I played in vanilla WoW (I started just after Onyxia went live). Part of the big attraction was the people I played with. I doubt those people will return en masse, so one of my big reasons to play is gone.

That said, the rules of the game and the mechanics enforced patterns of behaviour on players that have been lost as a more throw away culture has become dominant. Bad behaviour (mostly) had consequences. Players had to have a minimum level of commitment to consider things like raiding. If that “feel” can somehow be found again, yeah… that’s something I’d like to experience again.

Overall, my gut feel is that they’ll need to cherry pick from old and new, favouring the old rulesets and new content. I doubt a straight up vanilla WoW would work without some tweaking. TBC would probably be the sweet spot.

So I’d like “classic” to mean TBC era rulesets, but even by TBC talent trees and such were still being redesigned.

My ideal “classic” server would also move all raiding content to be level cap content. So if they did pick TBC, players could consider BT, MC and Naxx all current endgame.
But by that point, my brain is saying “why not just have all content up to end of WotLK, but with Vanilla/TBC rulesets”. And then things like levelling becomes an issue, as well as gearing.

They already said years ago that they didn’t have the source code to go back. So retrofitting the “feel” of vanilla wow, into the modern game seems like the best choice to me. I don’t see the harm in modern character models and other improvements like that. But drop stuff like LFG and flying mounts.

I don’t think there’s going to be a one size fits all solution. So if you’re going to cherry pick… cherry pick wisely. And yes, that means the need to include epic Alterac Valley battles (even though I don’t PvP).

The big plus to me about “classic” servers is the choice. Anyone who values QoL, can play modern WoW. Anyone who thinks that all those QoL changes have somehow lost the community values present back in vanilla WoW, can play “classic” WoW. Not everyone will want to, but it’s good to have the choice.

I would want to want to try it. But it really depends on what they deliver. Vanilla WoW wouldn’t do it for me.

Jack Kerras

It’s really amazing to me the amount of game that exists in games that aren’t perfectly tuned with QoL.

I have never loved an Elder Scrolls game like I loved Morrowind. Maybe I was young and stupid (I was definitely young and stupid), and I know that the later games in the series are objectively better, more balanced experiences… but Morrowind’s crazy fast-and-looseness, its immensely powerful enchanting and crafting systems, just… everything about it was such a fucking marvel.

Its combat fucking sucked. You couldn’t even tell you’d made contact with someone while you were fighting them. It was all so broken and so stupid, but they tried a lot of crazy shit, and even when it was horribly broken… it worked.

I’ve always felt like making Shaman Alliance and Paladins Horde was a cop-out. It just is.

I always loved Gothic’s ‘map and compass’ system; you don’t have an automap that leads you by the nose to where you need to go, you get directions. Legit directions, like, an NPC says ‘take a left on the main road, travel ’til the fork with the rock, hang another left, then the first right you see’, and those directions worked. Then, you’d know the place; you could find it on your map, but there is a whole skillset involved with orienteering both ingame and out of game that completely evaporates when a WoW-style map is in play.

There is a lot of game in broken things. There is a lot of love for stuff that only sorta works, or that works as much because of its shortcomings as despite them. There’s a lot of joy to be found in learning to fit yourself to a system that needs some work to be really functional…

…but really functional things often lose a bit of heart, somehow. I don’t know how to describe it; I thought Oblivion was a great game. I loved Morrowind.

I don’t think that LFG systems are the devil, as many do; most of us are grownups now, not high-schoolers playing for ten hours a day as soon as they’re through suffering through learntimes. We just don’t have time to seek groups for an hour to begin a possibly-extremely-ill-fated run on VanCleef, and even when we do have time (say, because we built our lives around playing games and doing as we wish, not raising kids), there’re way, -way- more gameplay-filled uses of same.

I love progress. I think the progress that WoW has made – and enforced on the rest of the genre, leaving a consistently high watermark – has been really interesting to watch. I don’t love the game, but I also think that it’s an actively great historical thing to see folks like Blizzard not just… throwing away the old sketches, I guess?

Any road. I’m glad this is happening! I liked the crazy broken Pally-here/Shaman-there bizarreness and busted-ass systems and mysterious, enormous dungeons. I thought they had a TON of heart, which WoW has now lost a lot of. That being said: you can never go home again.

Steely Bob

I played eq1 progression last year and had a blast, i’m playing a little eq2 progression right now. I have zero desire to play WoW Vanilla.

Denice J. Cook

What, no poll?

No Elf butts in WoW of all things?!

That said, bring it on, of course!

Kevin McCaughey



If they make a RP Classic server, I just might play! That first year in WoW was one of my best MMO experiences.

Chosenxeno .

Vanilla WoW was the worst WoW. I don’t know why people don’t get that. If they redo Wrath or even TBC I might be interested. Vanilla was trash af.

Blue touchpaper

Maybe you just didn’t play on a decent server ?

Chosenxeno .

It has nothing to do with server. Vanilla got exposed as more QoL features were put in and Skills were improved. All you have to do is put it up against TBC to see how truly awful it was. It was more of a great-at-the-time-because-it-was-better-than-what-we-had version of the game. We weren’t a Naxx/AQ 40 guild but raiding was still fun. I just think the expansions are superior than vanilla. I honestly can’t think of anything I miss except for 40 mans being a viable raid size.

Nathan Aldana


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I did not enjoy Vanilla WoW, but I hope those that did enjoy the hell out of the classic servers.