Eternal Crusade deploys challenges and the Eldar campaign in its newest patch

Challenge: Get queued up.

Do you long to get your Eldar on in Eternal Crusade? We’re unsure of exactly how the Eldar get themselves on, but we assume that’s one of the topics covered in the Eldar campaign from the game’s most recent patch. The Autarch Eldar Hero will be introduced after the campaign along with other associated rewards, so by all means, get your Eldar on. Better yet, make your Eldar happen to other people.

The game has also introduced Challenge, so we can only assume that “get your Eldar on” is one of said challenges; the system is all about repeatable goals rewarding you with requisition points. There are also combat balance updates, improved tutorial points to help new players acclimate to the game, and all of the various bugfixes you would expect. Check out the full set of notes for details on all of the changes that have come to the game.


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Tried playing again over the past couple of days & there have only ever been 2 matches going of SM v CSM max 20 v 20, no orks, no eldar, no fortress maps, it was sadly dead.


Attempted to hop back on my ork again, waited in queue 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Not sure, I ended up exiting out after awhile. Haven’t been able to play in awhile now as every time I just get stuck in endless queues.

Dug From The Earth

With all the studio shut downs in the last couple years, Im amazed that it hasnt happened to this game. Averaging 176 players at any given time is not a good thing for a Free 2 Play multiplayer game.


It’s not really free to play though. You’re limited to a specific faction until you buy the game proper.