World of Warcraft Classic announcement sends shockwaves through the vanilla emulator community


As the World of Warcraft community grapples with the surprise BlizzCon announcement of a classic server, one subset of players in particular are feeling the impact of this statement more than anyone else. The WoW emulators that have been the center of the vanilla movement find themselves at a crossroads of what to do now that Blizzard is getting ready to officially deliver what they are already illegally doing.

Overwhelmingly, there was rejoicing among several of the emulator communities at the announcement. The Elysium Project said that it will continue to run its servers even after Classic’s release, saying, “We will continue to provide whatever services the community desires should Blizzard not meet expectations.” On the other hand, the newly formed Light’s Hope team announced that it plans to shut down its server when WoW Classic launches.

J. Allen Brack told Eurogamer that Blizzard might recruit Nostalrius’ past leads: “We would welcome their involvement for sure. One of the challenges is they’re both French and so there’s a little bit of a visa concern, but we’d be open to it.”

Source: Eurogamer
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